Affirmative action for men
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Affirmative Action for Men?. http:// /Portals/112958/images/Man-Woman-Grad1.jpg Bridget Phelan ENG 111 Missy Finan. What is Affirmative Action (for men)?. Women have dominated college admissions over the past 30 years

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Affirmative action for men

Affirmative Action for Men?

Bridget Phelan

ENG 111

Missy Finan

What is affirmative action for men
What is Affirmative Action (for men)?

  • Women have dominated college admissions over the past 30 years

  • Colleges use “affirmative action” to fill student quotas (increase male enrollment)

  • Making colleges more attractive to men

How it happened
How it happened

  • Women typically have higher grades;

  • Men are more likely to drop out in disproportionate numbers;

  • Female enrollment is highest among older students, low-income students, and black and Hispanic students

Why women attend college
Why women attend college

  • “Women are primarily in college not because they are looking for men, but because they want to earn a degree.” Alex Williams

  • Building themselves a solid future


What Women Really Do

Simply working harder
Simply Working Harder?

Females simply working harder
Females Simply Working Harder?

Why it makes sense
Why it makes sense

  • “Most schools and admissions directors strive for male-female balance on campus” Miller.

  • “Colleges should reflect as much of the diversity of the general population as possible and that the sexes should have parity for social interaction”Lamm.

Why affirmative action for men
Why Affirmative Action (for men)?

Why it is wrong
Why it is wrong

  • 11% of admissions directors said they admit male applicants with below average test scores and grades.

  • Only 3% of the 462 surveyed said they admit female applicants with below average credentials” (Mank).

The student s choice
The Student’s Choice

  • Students still have their pick of colleges

  • Males heighten their chances of dating

  • Females may thrive better surrounded by other females

  • Many students already choose non co-ed private schooling


The reality
The Reality

  • “The unemployment rate remains higher for women than for men, 8.9 percent versus 8 percent” (Mank).

  • “Women are still a rare presence at the top ranks of the corporate and professional world despite earning more college degrees than men for 23 years” (Rosser).


  • The reality is that the larger female ratio in colleges isn’t having as big of an impact on the real world as we think.

  • Chances are, creating affirmative action for men would only have a reverse affect; the females will continue to work even harder, while males will rely on this new crutch.

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