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Security Education and Awareness

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Security Education and Awareness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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JSAC. JSAC. Security Education and Awareness. Security 101 February 28, 2007. Why Education and Training?. NISPOM 3-100 “ Contractors shall provide all cleared employees with security training and briefings commensurate with their involvement with classified information.”.

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security education and awareness



Security Education and Awareness

Security 101

February 28, 2007

why education and training
Why Education and Training?
  • NISPOM 3-100 “ Contractors shall provide all cleared employees with security training and briefings commensurate with their involvement with classified information.”

“A Security Awareness Program Sets the Stage for Training by Changing Organizational Attitudes to Realize the Importance of Security and the Adverse Consequences of Failure.”National Institute of Standards and Technology

goals of an effective education training program
Goals of An Effective Education & Training Program
  • Understanding of and compliance with security rules and regulations.
  • Understanding the magnitude and complexity of the foreign and domestic threats that make these rules and regulations necessary.
  • Motivation!!!
education versus training
Education Versus Training
  • We often use the two terms interchangeably……but:
      • “Training” teaches people the skills that will enable them to perform their job.
      • “Education” enables someone to develop the ability and vision to understand complex, multidisciplinary activities.
education and training
Education and Training
  • What Should Be Included?
  • What Is Your Method of Delivery?
required prior to initial access to classified information
Required Prior to Initial Access to Classified Information
  • Threat Awareness Briefing
  • Defensive Security Briefing
  • Overview of the Security Classification System
  • Employee Reporting Requirements
  • Security Procedures and Duties applicable to the employee’s job
threat awareness
Threat Awareness
  • What is the Threat
  • Methods of Collection
  • Recent Cases
  • CLASSIFIED or UNCLASSIFIED Threat Analysis from USG Sources
  • Critical Technologies

1940’s 1950’s




1990’s 2001 2007

defensive briefing
Defensive Briefing
  • Overseas Travel
  • Foreign Contacts
  • Technology Controls
  • Public Release Requirements
  • CI Awareness
  • Disclosure Restriction
overview of the security classification system
Overview of the Security Classification System
  • Levels of Classification and Criteria
  • Original and Derivative Classification
  • Classification Guides
  • SAP/SAR and Special Briefing Requirements
  • Safeguarding
  • AIS
  • Background Investigations
  • Marking
employee reporting requirements
Employee Reporting Requirements
  • Definition of Adverse Information
  • Suspicious Contact Reports
  • Foreign Travel Reporting Requirements (if any)
  • Violations
security procedures and duties applicable to the employee s job
Security Procedures and Duties Applicable to the Employee’s Job
  • Lots of foreign contact or travel ?
  • Working with classified hardware ?
  • Working in a closed area ?
  • Marketing ?
  • AIS ?
  • Special Briefings ?
workplace violence prevention
Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Liaison With:
    • Legal
    • Human Resources
    • Local Law Enforcement
    • Medical
    • Outside Consultants
know your audience
Know Your Audience
  • Executive Level
  • Foreign Travel
  • General Security Training
  • Technical Training
  • Export Controls
  • Counter-Intelligence
subject matter experts
Subject Matter Experts
  • Subject Matter Experts Can Lend Extra Credibility
    • DSS CI
    • 902nd MI Group
    • OSI
    • NCIS
    • Legal Departments
    • Import/Export Empowered Officials
resources methods
Resources & Methods
  • Company Newsletters
    • Great for Special Events or Current Topics
    • “Security Slot”
  • Website Information
    • Space on the Company Website or Build a Security Website
  • Security Bulletins
    • Topic of the Month
  • Videos
    • Homemade are Expensive but Effective if Resources Available
  • Computer Based Education
resources methods17
Resources & Methods
  • Posters
    • Some Commercially Available
    • Idea Contest
  • Desktop Reminders
    • Great For End of Day Checks
  • “Gimmes”
  • Pamphlets
    • Must be easy to use or recyclable
resources methods19
Resources & Methods
  • Seminars and Workshops
    • NCMS
    • JSAC
    • ASIS
    • National Security Institute – IMPACT
    • DSS
  • Usually for Specific Audiences
    • Security Professionals
    • Small Facility FSO’s
    • Specialists – Import/Export, Legal
visual advertising
Visual Advertising
  • A Great Poster IS:
    • Readable
      • Unreadable = Misspellings, complex, passive sentences, ungrammatical
    • Legible
      • Illegible = Fancy font, fancy font, too much text
    • Well Organized
      • Disorganized =Too much time to find main idea, next idea or data
    • Succinct
      • Not succinct = Doesn’t direct attention to main message in 11 seconds
great posters are compact and visual
Great Posters Are Compact and Visual:
  • Compact:
    • Focus on one, clearly stated message with a single “take-home” message
  • Visual:
    • Relies on graphics, photos, pictures to convey message rather than lots of text
poster art from the web
Poster Art from the Web

Old Ideas Still Work

World War II


key to effective training

Key to Effective Training




the single greatest obstacle to espionage is education stanislav levchenko former kgb officer
“The single greatest obstacle to espionage is education.”Stanislav Levchenko, former KGB Officer