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Ishan Bhaumik | Microsoft Visio Solutions Specialist January 27, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Ishan Bhaumik | Microsoft Visio Solutions Specialist January 27, 2010

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Ishan Bhaumik | Microsoft Visio Solutions Specialist January 27, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tips & Techniques. Visio Session – Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Ishan Bhaumik | Microsoft Visio Solutions Specialist January 27, 2010. My Objectives. Introductions Background of Visio Demo of Visio features Background Visio’s investments Asks. Introductions. Introduce myself

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Presentation Transcript
Tips & Techniques

Visio Session –

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Ishan Bhaumik | Microsoft

Visio Solutions Specialist

January 27, 2010

my objectives
My Objectives
  • Introductions
  • Background of Visio
  • Demo of Visio features
  • Background Visio’s investments
  • Asks
  • Introduce myself
    • Who am I?
    • Why am I doing this?
  • Getting to know you…
    • Who are you?
    • Your familiarity with Visio
    • Why are you here?
  • What do you use Visio for?
what is visio
What is Visio?

Visio’s inspiration: Diagramming Tools

visio is the heart of business diagrams
Visio is the heart of business diagrams
  • Total 15M+ legal users
  • No.1 Market Share in BPA tool market
  • Leader Position in MQ for BPA Tool Market

Gartner: Magic Quadrant for BPA Tools

Gartner : BPA Tool Market Revenue Breakdown

why use visio
Why use Visio?



Visio brings your Data and Diagrams in one place

But why is this better?

why use visio1
Why use Visio?

Far More Than Pictures

demo agenda visio 2007
Demo Agenda – Visio 2007
  • Visio’s ease of use: the Fundamentals
  • How Visio brings your Data together with your Diagrams
  • Main features with Visio 2007
  • Visio integration with other Microsoft Products
  • Glimpse of Visio relevant features of Visio 2010
the evolution of visio 2007
The evolution of Visio 2007

Visio 2007 addresses key diagramming challenges for users.

*Source: Visio team research, US only data

visio today visio 2007 pro
Visio Today – Visio 2007 Pro
  • Import and link multiple sources of data to existing diagrams

Link Data to


Visually analyze critical information with color and icons

Data Graphics

Refresh data at regular intervals from multiple data sources, then export reports to multiple sources

Data Refresh & Reporting

data graphics

Data Graphics

Four types of Visual Effects in Data Visualization

Icon Set


Color by Value

Data Bar

visio 2010 macro trends leading to launch
Visio 2010: Macro Trends leading to Launch
  • Customers have moved beyond simple documentation of business processes
visio 2010 areas of investment
Visio 2010 Areas of Investment

Process Management

Ease Of Use

Visio Services

We need diagrams & dashboards that are easy to share and updated in real time

We need to make documenting and modeling processes more consistent and easily

We need a powerful diagraming tool that’s simple & intuitive

visio 2010 areas of investment free step up for visio pro sa
Visio 2010 Areas of InvestmentFree Step Up for Visio Pro + SA




Visio Professional

Visio Premium

  • Advanced IT and
  • Process Pros

Specialty IW’s , BDMs & IT Pros

General IW’s

  • Product Theme
  • Solution Scenario
  • Product Value


Introducing Visio 2010


Conclusion - Asks

  • Evaluate Visio 2007
    • All in handouts
  • Go to to download WBS modeler, BPM Swimlane demo, other free add-ins
  • Download Free Visio 2010 Beta
  • Referral to other groups for widespread webcast
  • Please contact me if you have any questions
ease of use
Ease Of Use

Live preview

Theme Gallery


NEW Shapes window

Minimize ~ expand ~ customize

Sophisticated NEW shapes and graphics

Create a seamless look and feel with Visio’s easy to use UI

  • New User Interface features:
    • Fluent UI
    • Automatic alignment and spacing
    • Auto-connect and Quick Shape Mini Toolbar
    • New expandable Shapes Window
    • New status bar
    • Infinite canvas
    • Improved usability and scalability

NEWstatus Bar: Zoom; switch between open documents; fit the page to the window; switch back and forth from full-screen view

visio services

Share your real-time data-linked diagrams on the web using Visio services.*

Explore Visio hosted diagrams using hyperlink, refresh, pan, and zoom capabilities.

View your hosted diagrams in Silverlight™ or PNG format.

Use Visio Services in conjunction with data from other applications to create corporate mash-ups.

Visio Services

Real-time, web-ready

Visio Diagrams



Interactive, mash-up dashboards with new Visio API



*included as part of SharePoint Server installation (Enterprise CAL). No Visio installation required to view.

visio services1
Visio Services

Consumer requests a VDW, the server returns a PNG or XAML representation of a refreshed diagram

Generate and publish “VDW” file to the server.



Visio Services

Consumer in



Consumers can navigate and refresh in the browser and open the diagram in Visio 2010

Create dynamic, data-driven diagrams


process management

Check your diagrams against a set of rules and policies you define using validation

Create sub-processes for simplification, easy navigation, storage or re-use

SharePoint® workflows template

Import/export capability with SharePoint Designer

Process Management

SharePoint® Workflow Authoring


jump-start on modeling your processes and business logic.

  • New advanced templates such as Business Process Management Notations (BPMN) and six sigma

Ensure accuracy and consistency in your disarms

Simplify complex processes

SharePoint Workflow integration

Microsoft Confidential, Prototype Only

bpmn business process modeling notation
BPMN(Business Process Modeling Notation)

BPMN template provides sophisticated process modeling with BPMN 1.1 rule validation

Change model type by choosing model definition from right click menu

workflow capabilities in visio 2010
Workflow Capabilities in Visio 2010
  • New template in Visio 2010, Shapes match activities in SharePoint 2010
  • Validate & export as XOML workflow to SharePoint Designer 2010
    • Packaged as VWI file: XOML, rules, diagram

Modify, parameterize and deploy using SharePoint Designer 2010

Import workflow from SharePoint Designer 2010 to generate / update Visio diagram

quick shapes quick shapes mini tool bar
Quick Shapes & Quick Shapes Mini Tool Bar

Minimizing Stencil Pane

Quick Shapes:

The user can create correction of shapes with own selection

Quick Shapes Mini Tool Bar provides your selection of first 4 shapes within Quick Shapes pane for productive flowchart creation

Quick Shape provides summarized view from each stencil

inserting deleting shape
Inserting & Deleting Shape

Drag Shape into insufficient space

Open space to accommodate new shapes

Delete Shape between Connector

Connector is healed automatically

If Connector has definition

Connector won’t be healed

dynamic grid drag out connector
Dynamic Grid & Drag Out Connector

Dynamic Grid: Visual guides to help position and align shapes relative to one another

Drag Out Connector: The ability to drag-out a new connector by simply clicking on an AutoConnect blue arrow

auto align space
Auto Align & Space

One click and magically everything is aligned!



page auto size
Page Auto Size
  • Like an infinite canvas
  • Much easier to create large diagrams

Page Auto Size:

When Object is placed on Page Break, Page Size will expand automatically

container a shape object that visually contains and logically relates other shapes on the page
Container: A shape/object that visually contains and logically relates other shapes on the page.

Step 1: Select Shapes

Step 2: Select Container Types from Insert menu

Step 3: Select Heading Style and Margins from Contextual Tab

theme live preview
Theme & Live Preview

break the repetitive “Undo” cycle! Save time!

View the result of formatting changes in your diagram as you move through the options and before committing to them.