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augmentative and alternative communication devices n.
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Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices PowerPoint Presentation
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Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices

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Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices
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Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices

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  1. Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices By: Casey McKittrick

  2. Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices • A video from DynoVox

  3. Different Kinds of Devices • Light Writer - Zygo • Tech Speak - ADMI • BlackHawk - Adam Lab • BIGmack - ablenet • Go Talk - Attainment Company • Voice Pal Pro - Adaptivation Inc. • Hip Talk Plus - Enabling Devices • Alpha Talker – Prentke Romich • DynaMo – Dynavox Systems LLC

  4. DynaVox Technologies Phone: 866.DYNAVOX Price: $2,155.00 DynaMo

  5. Features of the DynaMo • Device is small and durable which allows for person to use virtually anywhere. • Creating messages is quick and easy. • Ability to record up to 25 minutes of speech. • Has a dynamic display screen and a durable, low profile design. • Has an onboard universal remote control and allows for use with TV’s, DVD, CD players IR phones and many more devices. • Has serial ports, standard switch ports, microphone and external speaker jack. • Device has a touch screen, single switch scanning and serial mouse pause.

  6. How to use the DynaMo • How do you turn the device on? • Hold down the button on the right of the device. • Icons to access the previous page? • Go back • Link to sample master goes back to the main page. • Setup  page browser  jump to current page. • How to change the volume • Press setup then speaker control and then either press the louder or softer buttons. • How to turn it off • Press and hold the power button or press the setup button and then shutdown.

  7. Advanced Multimedia Devices, Inc. (ADMI) Phone: 516.822.0808 Price: $445-1190 depending on levels) Tech Speak

  8. Features of Tech Speak • It’s a multi-level device designed to aid communication through direct selection. • Real voice, high quality audio reproduction and recording control technology. • Light touch, water resistant panel for typing. • Light weight and portable with a removable top grid for easy cleaning. • Includes a secured battery door and a rear mounted volume and level controls. • External speaker. • Record and playback 32 messages/level on a light touch panel. • 2,4,6,12 levels for up to 384 independent messages. • Can be used with switches.

  9. How to use Tech Speak • How to turn on/off? • There is a knob for both devices to turn on the device. • How do you change the levels and the overlays? • There is a knob on the back of the tech speak to change the levels. • Then you put in the corresponding overlays, and pull the tab out to get the overlay out. • On the back of the device there are hook-ups for switches.

  10. ADAMLAB, LLC Phone: 248.362.9603 Price: $529 Black Hawk

  11. Features of BlackHawk • Lighweight, portable and compact. • Has a single overlay with all four levels represented at the same time in the quadrants of each cell. • User can use single level representations and place/replace overlays when changing context. • Allows for 3.75 seconds of digitized speech/selection area. • Straightforward single button recording. • 4 levels of 16 selection areas, 64 total. • A sensitive touch panel and volume controls. • Accessories are available.

  12. Go Talk • Attainment Company • • Phone: 800.327.4269 • Price: $159

  13. Go Talk Features • Portable and easy to use. • Durable and an ideal beginning AAC device. • Can also be used as a teaching tool that kids can use independently. • Has 4 levels with 4.5 minutes of total recording time, allowing for 16 seconds/messages. • An extra message (yellow button, on top) is available for frequent communication or as a personal ID. • The message keys are big (3 inch square). • Lets you use large, clear picture cues. • The entire message area is “active” so the user can touch any part of the image to communicate with just a light touch.

  14. How to use the Go Talk • To record a message on different levels • Push the green button to choose the levels then press and release the record button, then press the button ou want to record. • To select and play messages in each level • Press the green button on the right to select the level and press the button you want to play. • To unlock and lock levels • Hold the record button then press the volume down button until the light turns off. • To undo level lock feature turn Go Talk off for at least 30 seconds.

  15. SpringBoard Plus • Prentke Romich Company • • Phone: 800.262.1984 • Price: $2,525.00

  16. Features of the Spring Board Plus • Can be an excellent starting point for a user beginning the AAC process. • Flexible and easy to customize and support. • Can include an Integrated Headpointing and PCS symbols. • Available in Spanish. • USB ports available on the device. • For more information visit:

  17. What kind of device to choose? • It is important to look at what the child is going to use the device for. • Not to prevent them from communicating if they can. • Example: Shane • Don’t get a device that will be too complicated for them to use. • Work with parents and SLP to find the right fit for your student.

  18. Devices in Action! • •

  19. Resources • DynaMo: • Tech Speak: • BlackHawk: • Go Talk: • SpringBoard Plus: