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LoÍza Aldea

LoÍza Aldea. Fiestas en honor a Santiago Apóstale- Julio. Vejigante.

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LoÍza Aldea

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  1. LoÍza Aldea Fiestas en honor a Santiago Apóstale- Julio

  2. Vejigante Vejigante is an amalgamation of two Spanish words: vejiga, or cow bladder, and gigante, or giant. The name refers to the vejigas that the characters carry with them. The bladder, which is dried, inflated, filled with seeds and painted, is the trusty weapon of the vejigante. The mask is just one part of the ensemble. In addition, the vejigante sports a flowing cape, a bit like a clown suit but with billowy sides that spread out like wings when the vejiga spreads his arms.

  3. Los Caballeros y Los Viejos • Los Viejos represent the local men of limited means. Their costumes are made from rags, and their masks are made from cardboard boxes or paper bags. • Los Caballeros represent the Spanish knights. They are elaborately dressed, with colorful (yellow, red and green) capes covered with sequins and ribbons. Their metal masks are made to look like European knights, and are decorated with mirrors, bells, colored ribbons, and paper flowers.

  4. Las Locas- mujeres locas Viejo Caballero Loca

  5. La Bomba- música del Puerto Rico

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