Trading with americans
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Trading with americans. Joseefina saves the day Valerie Tripp Taskera. 1 Cup of Plot.

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Trading with americans

Trading with americans

Joseefina saves the day

Valerie Tripp


1 cup of plot
1 Cup of Plot

  • Josefina and her family live in Mexico they went to santafe to trade with the americans.Theamerican wagon will arrive any day .Josefina meets one of the american traders his name is PatrickWhenJosefinas dad trust Patrick with the trade Josefina decided to trust him with a trade of her own but Parick leaves town without paying Josefina or her dad Patrick betrayed them until on night Josefina finds a surprising discovery.

2 teaspoons of character
2 Teaspoons of CHARACTER

  • Josefina is a nice girl she thinks of others instead of herself because at the trading place she was going to buy a toy but when she saw her dad happy with Patricks violin she decided to get her dad a violin.Patrick was a friend of Josefinas he was one of the american traders . It seams that patrick because he took Josafinas blanket and her dads mules without paying them but they got it all wrong Patrick had to leave so he left the violin in the church and he sent a friend to give Josefinas dad the money

2 tablespoons of excitement
2 Tablespoons of EXCITEMENT

The most exiting part is when Patrick traded with Josefina and her dad but didn’t pay them and left town and he didn’t come back so they gave up thinking that he wouldn’t com back until Josefina found a piece of paper that had a drawing of the church.Josefina was certain it was Patricks so she went to the church and found the violin and he even got her sisters what they wanted and later on a friend osPatricks gave the rest of the money to Josefinas dad

Mix thoroughly and bake when cool frost with special icing
Mix thoroughly and bake. When cool, frost with special icing:

  • ½ Cup of Opinion:

  • I enjoyed the last two chapters in the book because the got me really exited . The first chapter wasn’t that interesting because it talked about the family and about the business with Americans it didn’t seem exiting to me.

Mix thoroughly and bake when cool frost with special icing1
Mix thoroughly and bake. When cool, frost with special icing:

  • B. 1 Teaspoon of Recommendation:

  • I think Eunice would enjoy this book like I did because it may seem boring in the beginning but is actually very intersting because how Josefina finds the clue and knew exactly where to go.

Finally sprinkle your own connection
Finally sprinkle your own connection

  • Last month my sister said she would buy me candy if I cleaned her car so I cleaned her car but she didn’t buy me candy so I thought that she wasn’t gonna buy me the candy but she did.