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Places to see in Lexington County PowerPoint Presentation
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Places to see in Lexington County

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Places to see in Lexington County - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Places to see in Lexington County
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  1. Places to see in Lexington County

  2. Lake Murray • Lake Murray was named for William Murray. • Work on the lake began Sept. 21, 1927 and was completed on June 30, 1930 • It was built to supply electricity for the Midlands.

  3. Lexington County Public Library • The Lexington County Public Library System began in 1912 with 325 books and was located in the hallway of the Batesburg Town Hall. • There are now nine branches of the library located in Lexington County. • The Lexington Library has a South Carolina room.

  4. The Old Lexington County Jail • This building was once the county jail and the sheriff’s home. • The prisoners were housed in the back of this two story building and the sheriff and his family lived in the front. • The sheriff’s wife would cook the meals for the prisoners.

  5. Lexington County Veteran's Monument • This monument was built to honor and remember all the men and women from Lexington County that fought in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War. • It is located on South Lake next to Virginia Hylton Park.

  6. The Old Town Hall • This building was once home to the Fire Department, Lexington County Public Library and the Police Station • It is located on Church Street next to St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church.

  7. The Lexington County Museum • This is the John Fox house that was built in 1832. It is a ten room, two story house. • This is a great place to visit to learn more about our county.

  8. A Historic Home in Lexington • This is a private residence located on Main Street. • It is one of the oldest standing houses in our town. • During the Civil War, Sherman and his troops took over this house for several days.

  9. Mandy Derrick, December 2003 Visit Lexington County!