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McGann Orthodontics

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McGann Orthodontics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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McGann Orthodontics

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    1. McGann Orthodontics Adding World class Orthodontic Departments To leading dental practices worldwide

    2. Are you currently not maximizing ortho potential? Orthodontics is known as one of the most profitable specialties in dentistry According to the American Association of Orthodontics, the average American Orthodontist start 350 cases per year, and makes $350,000 a year Orthodontics has a very low cost structure, with the majority of the fees paying the doctor for his expertise Almost every patient in your practice can use orthodontics, however the majority of orthodontic cases go undiagnosed due to the lack of ortho knowledge for most GPs.

    3. Ortho builds your entire practice Orthodontics also greatly enhances your entire practice Unlike most areas of dentistry, your patients want orthodontics Orthodontic cases regularly lead to implants, restorative, periodontic, and many other procedures in your practice By investing in orthodontics, your patients are investing in their smile, and will be more willing to take on other procedures in the future to maintain their new smile Ortho patients talk about their experiences, and are typically the leading referral source to a practice.

    4. Why are you referring No Ortho Knowledge Uncertainty of hiring Individual practitioner Do not believe you have enough patients Do not want extra hassle

    5. McGann Orthodontics is your solution

    6. Problem: No Ortho Knowledge Problem Details Dental Schools spend very little time on orthodontics The field is presented as very difficult Many dentist fear this specialty The MOC answer Our dentist’s go through an extensive training program at Progressive Orthodontics, and work with some of the leading minds in the field MOC takes all responsibility for every case, and manages and runs the ortho department This allows you to not worry about this part of the practice….we will take care of everything

    7. Problem: Uncertainty of Bringing an Individual Practitioner Problem Details Too reliant on this one person If he/ she leaves, I have no solution for my patients Puts me in a bad position trying to hire the next individual, as they know I have no solution Patients suffer as systems are changed MOC is the Answer POS teaches a very strict system, where every student learns to approach orthodontics the same way and using the same treatment philosophy POS has over 6000 graduates worldwide, and the ability to train new dentists quickly and effectively MOC guarantees you will always have a POS trained dentist in your practice, and continuity if one doctor leaves New doctor uses the same treatment plan, allowing the patient to continue treatment uninterrupted

    8. Problem: Do not have a large enough practice to do ortho in house Problem details Many dentist believe it is only large clinics that can do ortho in house You are currently only referring a few cases, and it is not enough to attract an orthodontists in house Cannot afford to pay a salary to a dentist to do just ortho MOC is the answer We can work on a part time or full time basis No case minimums Everything is paid on a % of collections, so no upfront investment from you Due to a lack of knowledge in the gp world, the majority of ortho cases are never diagnosed. Through internal marketing, you would be surprised by how many potential cases are in your practice today!

    9. Problem: Do Not Want Extra Hassle Problem Details You are already busy, and do not want any extra work Trying to add orthodontics seems like a time consuming and risky venture, and you prefer to focus on other areas of dentistry MOC is the Answer MOC takes care of all the details MOC hires the dentist, manages the dentist, manages every aspect of the ortho department Simply give us access to your patients, chair time, and the ability to use some of your existing resources, and we will take care of everything!

    10. Who is McGann Orthodontics? Formed in November 2010 by Miles McGann, CEO of Progressive Orthodontic Seminars Miles is still CEO of Progressive Orthodontics, and thus MOC has a unique relationship with POS MOC designed to operate worldwide, with partners in every corner of the globe Business Model is flexible enough to work in the developed and the developing world

    11. Who is POS? Progressive Orthodontics formed in 1984 by Dr. Don McGann Worldwide leader in Comprehensive Orthodontic Education Trained more than 6000 dentists worldwide to practice Orthodontics at the highest level Teach a very strict diagnosis and treatment system, where all students approach problems in a similar fashion (and can follow each others treatment plans) Known for extremely detailed treatment planning, with the goal of anticipating every issue prior to starting treatment 50+ instructors and numerous resources allow students to be supported by instructors and colleagues worldwide for rest of career Dentist capable, with the assistance of an instructor, of treating cases to the highest worldwide standards after the 2nd month of training

    12. The MOC Business Model MOC hires dentists Either POS graduates or new POS student Assign student to a mentor (a senior POS instructor) who will monitor every case until it is determined that this service is no longer necessary MOC guaranteed quality of cases being completed in clinic MOC provides a full inventory of orthodontic product, as well as all product for every case MOC handbook outlining the MOC business model for marketing ortho internally as well as handling volume is given to clinic owner as well as all MOC employees Marketing materials for the clinic are provided to assist in building orthodontic department

    13. Business Model: Clinic Requirements Clinic is only responsible for the following requirements Providing access to your patients MOC will be doing a Free Ortho Evaluation (takes approximately 5 min and can be done at any chair) on every patient in your clinic…not a sales pitch, but giving patient advice Giving sufficient Chair Time for us to do Orthodontic work Access to Ceph/ Pano X-Ray Equipment so we can take proper records (can be at a 3rd party facility) Access to Sterilization Equipment Front office and assistant support to assist with scheduling, collections, and possibly help chairside (responsibilities and necessity of assistant to be discussed with clinic owner based on perceived patient volume)

    14. What does this service cost? No Upfront cost to the clinic Share Revenue based on COLLECTIONS 60% to MOC, with a minimum of US$900 a case to MOC 40% to Local Office All money based on COLLECTIONS, so a mutually agreed upon payment plan scheme will need to be agreed upon (our typical recommendation is 30% down, with remaining due in 10 equal payments over 1 year)

    15. Other Advantages Continuity for Years to Come All MOC doctors use the same treatment plans, so as long as you are with MOC you never have to worry about a disruption in patient care. If a doctor leaves your practice, MOC will replace this doctor with a new one who will be capable of following the treatment plan and completing the case without any effect on the patient or the practice Every individual practitioner uses their own system, and thus if this person leaves, you will need to transition your cases to the new practitioner. This situation is difficult on the patient, and very costly to the practice. You never have to worry about this with MOC.

    16. Other Advantages Fully Scalable Solution With our ability to train as well as a large graduate base we will always have enough doctors to meet your demand, or to grow with you as you open new offices

    17. Other Advantages Accept Every Case MOC has resources to ensure that every case is treated successfully Our Mentors are some of the leading orthodontic minds worldwide, and have case experiences on extreme cases from throughout the world They will assist your doctor on treatment planning and treatment of even the most difficult cases

    18. Other Advantages Solution to Any Current Case If you have any case that is currently causing you problems, MOC is willing to take on these cases. An agreement on fair fees for this service will be made after looking at the case amounts and specifics of the situation

    19. Other Advantages Join a Network of Prestigious Clinics McGann Orthodontics has offices throughout the Middle East, and is growing daily. If your patient is moving or simply comes to your office to visit, we can continue treatment in one of our other offices, using the same treatment plan and appliance.

    20. Other Advantages Optional Instructor Visitation We can arrange for an MOC instructor to visit your practice for marketing purposes Additional fees are necessary for this service

    21. You Will Be Offering A Superior Orthodontic System

    22. Technology: IPSoft Orthodontic Software Sofware guides the doctors through a complete orthodontic diagnosis, ensuring the doctor is considering every detail of the case, and giving the doctor tools to understand every aspect of the case. Features Digital Cephalometric Tracing Model Measuring Visual Treatment Objectives Treatment Planning Easily Export for Case Diagnosis Appliance Ordering Treatment Records And much more

    23. Unprecendented Treatment Plan Detail MOC utilizes the entire POS system, including the most detailed treatment plan in the field of Orthodontics. Dr. McGann has drafted 150+ treatment plan templates, covering almost every type of case. Treatment plans are editable in IPSoft allowing the local doctor, with the help of the mentor, to create a custom plan that will accurately plan and predict every aspect of treatment prior to starting the case. All MOC doctors are using the same system, any of the other MOC doctors can step in at any point in the case and continue treatment without interruption. This adaptability guarantees that your Orthodontic department will always provide uninterrupted, world class patient care.

    24. Predictions of case results before start During the Treatment Planning Process, your MOC doctor will create Visual Treatment Objectives (VTO) for every treatment alternative VTOs give an accurate final position of the incisos, molars, and lips prior to starting the case, based on mechanics being utilized Allows the MOC doctor to have a thorough understanding of each option, and pick the option that is best for each patient.

    25. Patient Report: All the information in the hands of your patient After a case is diagnosed, IPSoft gives the MOC doctor the ability to print a Patient Report Automatically creates a word document with every aspect of the treatment plan, as well as necessary consent forms. Patient Report can be customized with clinic logo, etc and given to the patient at second consult. Greatly increases chances of selling the case, while also greatly improving the overall perception of your clinic.

    26. Practice Management Handbook Each clinic owner and all MOC employees will have a copy of the MOC Practice Management Handbook Handbook outlines in detail the internal marketing, patient management, staff responsibilities, scheduling, and many other aspects of running a successful ortho practice Handbook created by MOC Management team using their experiences in their own clinics over the past 35 years

    27. Management Team Miles McGann, President and CEO University of Southern California Marshall School of Business Honors Program CEO of Progressive Orthodontics since 2003 Increased Revenue of POS by 250% during tenure Expansion into 10 new markets Founded Progressive Dentistry, teaching subjects outside of Orthodontics, and McGann Orthodontics

    28. Management Team Dr. Don McGann, DDS, Technical Advisor University of Pacific Dental School Owned 2 clinics in Southern California for 25 years Owned 1 clinic in Manila, the Philippines for 18 years Founded Progressive Orthodontics in 1984 Created the IP Appliance Orthodontic System in 2003 Created IPSoft Orthodontic Software in 2003 Numerous patents, inventions, and scientific publications

    29. Management Team Dr. David Dana, DDS, Mentoring Director Senior Instructor for POS Lecturing for POS since 1994 Private Practice in Beverly Hills, CA Also lectures on Pain Management, Corticotomies, Botulin Toxin, and other cosmetic procedures Dental Degree- Universidad Tecnologica de Mexico 1977-1981 Master in Prosthodontics-Boston University 1981-1983

    30. Management Team Dr. Wilfred De Groot, DDS, Mentor-Middle East Owns private practice in Alkmaar, The Netherlands since 1994 Instructor with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars since 2004 Worked as an associate for 2 years in a NHS practice in Great Yarmouth, England from 1987-1989- Owned private practice in Sehnde, West Germany from 1989-1994 DDS, University of Utrecht 1987 Languages: Dutch, English, German

    31. Management Team Dr. Mazen Tamimi, PhD, Director-Middle East Graduate of the College of Dentistry / University of Jordan BDS - 1989. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, MSc - 2001, PhD - 2005. Specialist Implantology – DGZI 2003 “Germany “. Certification „ Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt Implantologie Konsensuskonferenz“. (Expert in Implantology) - 2001. DGZI German Board of Oral Implantology – 1998. Distinguished Leadership Award (ABI). Course leader and speaker in many international conferences worldwide. Director of the DGZI international post graduate education program (GBOI). Member of DGZI –German Board examination committee. President of DGZI - international Section. Visiting Professor at Cairo University. Teaching staff,IMC-Munster university-Germany Fellow & Diplomat of ICOI 1998 – 2000 “USA”. Chairman of Gardens Dental Implant Center (GDIC), the authorized center for clinical training of DGZI curriculum (GBOI) Amman – Jordan . and the oral Implantology Master Program of Munster University - Germany.

    32. MOC Worldwide Locations GDIC, Amman, Jordan Dr. Hamdan Dental, Amata, West Bank Dr. Mohamed Dental, Tulkaren-Palestine Dandara Dental Implant Center, Sudan Pacifica Dental, Huntington Beach, CA, USA Pediatric Dental Care of Virginia, Martinsville, VA, USA Dr Bereded Dental, Washington DC, USA Icon Dental, Yeppoon, Australia Icon Dental, Brisbane, Australia IDC Dental, Beijing, China DM Dental, Beijing, China Arrail Dental Xiamen, Xiamen, China Zhongcan Dental, Changle, China Gentle Touch #1, Fuzhou, China Gentle Touch #2, Fuzhou, China Gentle Touch #3, Fuzhou, China Gentle Touch #4, Fuzhou, China Xioling Dental, Fuzhou, China Yakang Dental, Fuqing, China Yahou Dental, Quanzhou, China LinLF Dental, Shishii, China Dengfeng Peoples Hospital, Dengfen, Henan, China Enjoy Dental #1, Beijing, China Enjoy Dental #2, Beijing, China