India s water futures to 2025 2050 issues and scenarios
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INDIA S WATER FUTURES TO 2025 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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INDIA’S WATER FUTURES TO 2025/2050 ISSUES AND SCENARIOS. India’s Water Futures to 2025/2050 – Scenarios and Issues. Phase I Workshop of the “The Strategic Analysis of India’s River Linking Project [NRLP]” Project is part of the Challenge Program for Water and Food [CPWF]

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India’s Water Futures to 2025/2050 – Scenarios and Issues

  • Phase I Workshop of the “The Strategic Analysis of India’s River Linking Project [NRLP]”

  • Project is part of the Challenge Program for Water and Food [CPWF]

  • IWMI is lead center of the project

  • Tushaar Shah - Poject leader

  • Upali Amarasinghe – Coordinate the activities from IWMI Delhi office

  • Project Web site -

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Duration Objectives Time line

IWMI-CP project - NRLP analysis

Phase I

India’s Water Futures Analysis

April 2005-

April 2006







Phase II

Analysis of NRLP- How adequate is it?

January 2006-

March 2007

Phase III

Alternative water sector perspective plan

April 2007-April 2008

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Why another Water Futures analysis? Time line

  • NRLP is based on Water Futures projections of NCIWRD commission

  • Hardened positions with inadequate analysis:

    • Against NRLP- says there is inadequate analysis of alternative options

    • For NRLP- says that considering the magnitude of the water crisis, NRLP is the only option

  • Key Missing Issues:

    • What is the magnitude of crisis itself?

    • Why interlinking was chosen as the best option?

    • What is the scope of the alternatives?

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Phase I Research Activities Time line

  • Water Availability, Potentially utilizable water resources of river basins

    • Mr. AD Mohile / BK Anand

  • Environmental water Demand of Indian River Basin

    • Vladimir Smakhtin / M.Anputhas/WWF/

  • Regional demographic projections

    • Aslam Mahmhood / Amitabh Kundu

  • Regional economic growth/Industrial and service sector water demand

    • KV Raju / RS Deshapande

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Phase I Research Activities Time line

5. Changes in regional consumption patterns – Implications for food and feed demand

  • OP Singh/Sanjive Phansalkar

  • WTO - Increasing world trade – Implications for irrigation water demand

    • Charlotte de Fraiture/RPS Malik/Shilp Verma

      7. Future of irrigation/Agriculture

    • Anik Bhaduri/Upali Amarasinghe/Tushaar Shah

      8. Potential of rainfed agriculture in India

    • Bharat Sharma/ K.P.R.VIttal/K.J.Rao

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    Phase I Research Activities Time line

    • Spread of Water saving technologies/ Water productivity improvements/ Rainwater harvesting

      • Dinesh Kumar/Madar Samad/OP Singh/K Palanisamy/

        10. Intensification of groundwater irrigation- Environmental impacts and implications for water supply and demand

      • Sundar Krishnan,

        11. Water Supply and Demand of India – Scenarios and Issues

      • Upali Amarasinghe/Tushaar Shah/Shilp Verma/Frank Rijisberman

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    Grain and non-grain crop demand projections Time line

    Regional demographic patterns

    Regional economic growth

    Food consumption patterns

    Feed demand

    Increasing food trade/National self sufficiency targets

    India’s water futures scenario analysis

    • Water availability assessments

      • Total/Potentially utilizable water resources

      • Environmental water demand

    • Water Demand projections

      • Irrigated water demand

        • Water saving technologies

        • Water productivity growth

        • Rain water harvesting

      • Domestic water demand

      • Industrial/Service sector water demand

    • Grain and non-grain crop production projections

      • Future of irrigation/ agriculture

      • Rainfed potential

      • Water productivity improvements

      • Groundwater irrigation

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    Second Phase - Analysis of NRLP Time line

    • Inception workshop in April

    • Advisory committee meeting in May

    • Workshop 1, Phase II in December

    • Workshop 2, Phase II in March 2007

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    Thank you Time line