what is your teeth trying to tell you n.
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What is Your Teeth Trying to Tell You PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Your Teeth Trying to Tell You

What is Your Teeth Trying to Tell You

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What is Your Teeth Trying to Tell You

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  1. What is Your Teeth Trying to Tell You

  2. Although tooth is one of the most important parts of your body, there have been a lot of times when you have neglected it and its issues due to various reasons. Just like you see a newly crooked tooth, or a bleeding swollen gum, what do you tell yourself? It is probably nothing; but do you think it is the right way to answer to this question?

  3. To be very clear, although it might seem quite small issues, it is probably your mouth’s silent need for help which you have been neglecting for a few days. Here are a few things your teeth are probably trying to tell you – 1.    That Sharp Pain in Your Tooth – You might have faced a lot of sharp tooth pain while you are trying to eat something. It happens because of the tooth decay and the cavities. Although you may ignore cavity issues, you shouldn’t ignore the tooth ache problem; especially if it occurs twice a week.

  4. 2.    Those Yellow Stains on your Teeth –When you see stained or yellow teeth, you probably always take it as nothing. Well, these stains occur due to drinking tea, coffee or probably wine; and with the right whitening toothpaste or strips, you can get rid of the issue and a dentist can easily help you with that. You won’t like to show your stained teeth; would you? 3.    Suddenly Crooked Teeth –This is when the real problem comes. If you have suddenly crooked teeth or you feel loose or if it is falling out together, that is not a good sign. This might be a cause of periodontal disease. This causes bone loss around your jaw, which is why you face all these troubles. However, a dentist is always the solution and you must visit one when you are facing any of the issues.

  5. 4.    Swollen gums; bleeding gums or Red gums –There are a lot of reasons that this might happen. It might be the side effects of some hormonal changes, pregnancy or maybe because of the bacterial build up. If this persists continuously for a week, you need to see a doctor.

  6. Emergencies might occur anytime and although you might think how can there be a dental emergency, then you should think twice. Although in case of emergency, there are some leading dentistry services providers like Dentist Vancity, who provide emergency dentist in Vancouver city.