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What are the Implications of Bleeding Gums PowerPoint Presentation
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What are the Implications of Bleeding Gums

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What are the Implications of Bleeding Gums
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What are the Implications of Bleeding Gums

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  1. What Are the Implications of Bleeding Gums?

  2. If you are brushing your teeth and notice that there is little blood coming from your mouth, it could be coming from a few areas, however, it is most likely due to bleeding gums.

  3. However, there are a few other common reasons for bleeding gums that we will discuss here

  4. What Factors Play a Role in Gum Health?

  5. Gum health is one of the hallmarks of good dental hygiene, as just beneath the gums is where infections can begin.

  6. There are many factors that contribute to dental health overall and here are just a few things that play a role in dental hygiene

  7. Genetics

  8. You might be surprised to find that genetics play a big role in dental health, however, with proper hygiene practices, dental health can be well managed despite difficult genetic backgrounds.

  9. Daily hygiene practices

  10. Daily dental hygiene is critical to avoid issues like bleeding gums & here are a few factors that contribute to your dental health that can also contribute to bleeding gums under certain circumstances

  11. Type of toothbrush-

  12. Using the right toothbrush plays a huge role in cleaning the teeth & also doesn't disrupt the gum line.

  13. Type of toothpaste-

  14. Some teeth are more sensitive to certain types of toothpaste, so it is better to consult your dentist on the type of toothpaste that is best for you.

  15. Frequency and type of dental care-

  16. Brushing at least twice a day is important for ongoing dental health along with regular floss & use of mouthwash.

  17. Dentist visits

  18. By adhering to a dentist visit schedule, usually at least every 6 months is recommended, you can best prevent issues like bleeding gums.

  19. The bleeding gums are mostly caused due to gum disease and infections that must be treated by a dental professional.

  20. Diet

  21. Plaque builds up under certain circumstances has a lot to do with your diet & sugary foods contribute to an environment where plaque-causing bacteria thrive.

  22. Medications

  23. Most medications have side effects, and one of them may be bleeding gums as blood thinners especially can exacerbate already existing dental problems contributing to bleeding gums.

  24. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor on the side effects of medications you take, as well as consult with your dentist on how to best prevent gums from bleeding.

  25. Most Common Causes of Bleeding Gums

  26. Bleeding gums are usually a symptom of one of the following problems-

  27. Hygiene practices

  28. Brushing teeth with harsh toothbrushes or toothpaste can lead to sensitive and even bleeding gums & It is important to contact your dentist regarding the type of toothpaste & toothbrush best for you.

  29. Infections or gum diseases

  30. Gum infections and diseases can lead to bleeding gums, which can be alarming, however, while it is treatable they are also preventable with proper dental care.

  31. How we can help you

  32. For over fifty years, the dental professionals at the Dental Group of Simi Valley have provided the area of Simi Valley and the greater Ventura County with excellent quality dental care.

  33. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a check-up, or would like to learn more about our practice, please contact one of our helpful professionals today.

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