Dennis Roeder
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Dennis Roeder’s success as a primary school teacher will have a direct impact on the retention rate of students, as the level of student engagement directly affects their participation in school, their continued enrollment in school and their rate of progress through the system.

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Dennis Roeder

Attends the University of Sydney

Dennis Roeder of New South Wales, Australia stands poised at the threshold of his life. This 22-year-old graduate of the University of Sydney has earned his Bachelor of Education degree to go along with his passion for working with young students, and eagerly looks forward to a successful career as a primary school teacher. Roeder’s alma mater University of Sydney, known as USyd, Australia’s earliest university, is considered today to be a leading institution of learning in the country, with 16 schools of learning offering bachelors, masters and doctoral certifications. A very large institution, USyd had over 32,000 undergraduate and over 16,000 graduate students in 2011.

Dennis Roeder

Traces History of His Alma Mater

Dennis Roeder can trace the beginnings of the University of Sydney to a meeting of the New South Wales Legislative Council of 1848. William Wentworth, graduate of the University of Cambridge and Charles Nicholson, alumni of the University of Edinburgh Medical School, proposed to expand what was then Sydney College. The belief was that Australia needed a state university to grow its populace in the ability to self-legislate, through “the opportunity for the child of every class, to become great and useful in the destinies of his country".

Dennis Roeder

Enrolls at USyd in 2012

College graduate Dennis Roeder enjoyed his university enrollment in 2012 at the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia, due to the University’s continued expansion and modernization throughout the 1990’s. USyd added the Sydney Branch of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the Cumberland College of Health Sciences, the Sydney College of the Arts, the Sydney Institute of Education, the Institute of Nursing Studies and the Guild Centre of the Sydney College of Advanced Education during the 1990’s. The New England University College emerged from USyd in 1938, later becoming the University of New England, to be reformed in 1993 per legislative acts.

Dennis Roeder

Enjoys Neo-Gothic Architecture at USyd

Architect Edmund Blacket designed the Neo-Gothic sandstone original structures of the University of Sydney quadrangle and the Great Tower facility which are icons of the University in Sydney, Australia today, where Dennis Roeder earned his Bachelor of Education. The purchase of land in Darlington in the 20th century enabled the growth of the faculties of the Arts, Science, Education and Social Work, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Economics and Business, Architecture and Engineering departments, as well as the Faculty of Medicine.


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