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Informal Social Control

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Informal Social Control - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I. Peer Pressure (e.g. gossip/rumor) II. Community Pressure (e.g. Comm. Crime Prevention) III. Individual Responses (e.g. Bystander Apathy). Informal Social Control. Informal Social Control. I.Gossip Defined

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Informal Social Control

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informal social control
I. Peer Pressure (e.g. gossip/rumor)

II. Community Pressure (e.g. Comm. Crime Prevention)

III. Individual Responses (e.g. Bystander Apathy)

Informal Social Control
informal social control2
Informal Social Control

I.Gossip Defined

II. Characteristics of GossipA. Types of GossipB. Symbolizes Intimacy and TrustC. Increases CohesionD.Highly Connected Homogenous SocietyE. Social StatusF. Ambiguity

informal social control3
Informal Social Control

III. Rumor

A. Gossip is content, Rumor is processB. Gordon Allport’s Linear/Distortion Model

1) Leveling 2) Sharpening 3) Assimilation

informal social control4
Informal Social Control

Fred Koenig’s Collective Model of Rumor1) Spreads quickly

2) Large # of people3) Multiple Sources

  • Ambiguous situation + Anxiety-laden event+ Socially connected target=Rumor
  • Scandal: Explosive Episodes
informal social control5
Informal Social Control
  • Functions of GossipThe GossiperThe ListenerThe Target- Gary Fine’s research on teens
informal social control6
Informal Social Control

II. The Community and Informal Social ControlA.Durkheim’s Mechanical/Organic SolidarityB. Towns and Cities and Informal Social Control 1. Information Overload/Norms of Noninvolvement

informal social control8
Informal Social Control

Decrease in ISC

Decrease in public Increase in interaction Actual Crime Rate Increase in Perceived Crime Rate

Increase in Actual Crime Rate

Increase in Perceived Crime Rate

informal social control9
Informal Social Control

III. Individual Responses A. Kitty Genovese CaseB. Bystander Apathy

1. Pluralistic Ignorance 2. Diffusion of Responsibility

informal social control10
Informal Social Control

C. Factors Influencing Likelihood of Bystander Assistance

1. Familiarity with Location 2. Risks of Helping 3. Activity of Witnesses 4. Training