DL-MU-MIMO Transmission with Unequal Bandwidth
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DL-MU-MIMO Transmission with Unequal Bandwidth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DL-MU-MIMO Transmission with Unequal Bandwidth. Date: 2013-9-16. Authors:. Background. In the MU-MIMO for multiple 11ac STAs, it is possible that STAs have unequal interference-free bandwidths, due to the existence of OBSS

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Dl mu mimo transmission with unequal bandwidth


  • In the MU-MIMO for multiple 11ac STAs, it is possible that STAs have unequal interference-free bandwidths, due to the existence of OBSS

  • A simple solution is to use the minimum bandwidth in which all the STAs are interference free, resulting in significant performance loss

  • Reminding that 80+80M transmission in the 802.11ac draft is usually realized by two separate 80M RFs. This facilitates the implementation of the MU-MIMO with 80M/80+80M unequal bandwidths in STAs.


Figure 1

  • We propose to support MU-MIMO with 80M/80+80M unequal bandwidth in STAs, as illustrated in Fig.1


  • For VHT-SIG-B field

    • 80+80M users use the 80+80M parameters

    • 80M users use the 80M parameters and the other 80M bandwidth should padding zeros after Spatial Mapping before IDFT block.

  • For Data field

    • Adopt the 80+80Mhz block diagram

    • For 80+80M users, no change

    • For 80M users, the procedure before Segment Parser will use 80M parameters and the Segment Parser block will be bypassed. Then the 80M data will be mapped to one frequency subblock directly and another frequency subblock has no data from the 80M users.

Modification con
Modification con.

  • Signaling

    • The transmitter should indication the receivers’ bandwidth(80M or 80+80M) in the unequal bandwidth transmission.

      • Solution I: In VHT-SIG-A, set BW=3. The values of each 3 bits in bit10-bit21 were reused. 0 means no streams for 80+80M or 80M users;1-4 means 1-4 streams for 80+80M users;5-7 means 1-3 streams for 80M users. Due to the value’s shortage, the 80M users can not set 4 streams.

      • Solution II: TBD

    • The 80M receiver can recognize its bandwidth by VHT-SIG-A, and will only filter the Primary80 bandwidth when receiving data.