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D. G. A: D ead G uy A cademy PowerPoint Presentation
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D. G. A: D ead G uy A cademy

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D. G. A: D ead G uy A cademy
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D. G. A: D ead G uy A cademy

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  1. Day 1 : Egypt and China D. G. A: Dead Guy Academy 6th Grade Social Studies

  2. I ruled about 3500 years ago. It is believed that I wore false beards to earn respect from men. Hatshepsut • I was an Egyptian queen who ruled during the New Kingdom, way before women were given any sort of respect in Egypt. • I worked very hard to increase trade for Egypt with surrounding places like Punt, Asia Minor, and Greece. • Under my reign, Egypt’s economy flourished. • I had many temples built for me, which are what I am remembered for by historians. When I died, my stepson took the throne. He destroyed many monuments I had built for myself during my rule.

  3. Ramses the Great • I ruled Egypt during the New Kingdom for longer than anyone else in history and am considered one of Egypt’s greatest. • I am known mostly for my military and for fighting off many groups who attempted to take over Egypt. • I am also known for my temples at Karnak, Luxor, and Abu Simbel. I ruled Egypt in the 1200’s BC. Approx. 3200 years ago.

  4. Fast forward 700 years and travel east to CHINA…

  5. I wrote The Analects, a book full of my teachings. I lived 2500 years ago! Confucius • I was not a ruler of China but the most influential teacher in Chinese history. • At a time when many Chinese rulers and people were rude and dishonest, I taught that rulers should lead ethically, or by treating people well and earning their respect. • My ideas are known as Confucianism. • I also believed that fathers and rulers should lead by example in order to earn respect. • My ideas became a religion and a philosophy for many Chinese.

  6. I ruled 2200 years ago. Qin Shi Huangdi • My name means “First Emperor,” which is a title I gave myself when I took the throne of China. • I had a very strong government with some of the strictest laws in history. • I made everyone follow my policies and burned teachings that went against my ideas. • I also killed people who went against me. • I made everyone speak the same language, use the same money, and follow the same laws. • I started the Great Wall of China. • Under my rule China flourished. Roads and waterways were also improved.