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The Beta Culture. This simulation has been modified from the original version. Prepared by: Jennifer Robertson, Valencia College, 2014. Overview. You are a capitalist society , and you put great emphasis on wealth accumulation .

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The Beta Culture

Thissimulation has beenmodifiedfromthe original version.

Prepared by: Jennifer Robertson, Valencia College, 2014



You are a capitalistsociety, and youputgreatemphasisonwealthaccumulation.

Thisis a veryindividualistic culture thatvaluesthepersonoverthegroup. Youwanttogetahead and workhardtogetthere, no matterwhatthecost.

Thereis no hierarchy in the Beta culture. Everyoneisequal, includingthegenders.

Greetings small talk

Greetings & Small Talk

Greeteachotherwith a nod of thehead.

Youdo notliketotalkaboutthefamilyorhowmuchwealthpeoplehave. In a group, Betansliketotalkaboutwork.

Youdo notliketo stand closewhentalkingorto be touched, especiallyontheshoulder. Thisis a hugeinsult. Betanswillnot do businesswithanyonewhotouchesthemontheshoulder and theywilltellotherBetansnotto do businesswiththem.

Whenanypersonjoins a group, he orsheisreadilywelcomedintotheconversation.



Youmeasure a person’svaluebyhowwell he orsheperforms in themarketplace, butyouthinkthatitisimpoliteto show howmuchwealthyouhavetoothers. You NEVER discussyourwealth.

Youare familiar withtheAlphan culture, and youare veryinterested in obtainingtheir “clips.” Youalsoliketotradesomething similar called “clasps.”

Betanshave a special trading languagewhichthey use with ANYONE whowantstotrade. Itmeans, “Can I have# of those?” as following(pointtowhatyouwant):

Ba – oneBa Fá, Ba - three

Ba Fá– twoBa Fá, Ba Fá- four