year of wonders the bradford s n.
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YEAR OF WONDERS! The Bradford’s PowerPoint Presentation
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YEAR OF WONDERS! The Bradford’s

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YEAR OF WONDERS! The Bradford’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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YEAR OF WONDERS! The Bradford’s. By Varon Zuasola & Nick Eades!. Background Information. The Bradford’s are a powerful family in Eyam, known by all the villagers, this family is at the top of the Social hierarchy within the town.

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year of wonders the bradford s

YEAR OF WONDERS!The Bradford’s

By Varon Zuasola & Nick Eades!

background information
Background Information
  • The Bradford’s are a powerful family in Eyam, known by all the villagers, this family is at the top of the Social hierarchy within the town.
  • The Family had lived in the Hall for generations and they were answerable to no one in the village. Even when they leave Eyam, “men doffed their caps and women curtsied, just as we had always done, simply because that was what we had always done.” (pg.116).
  • The Bradford’s being a leading family because of their status, decide not to fulfill their duties as a family that can contribute and help many people within their village, decide not to stay but flee to their own safety.
background information cont
Background Information cont.
  • Locking up the Bradford’s Hall with all possessions still inside the structure, the Colonel dismisses out all servants and cooks, leaving them homeless and hire two men to guard the Hall.
  • Thus throughout the duration of the Plague, nothing really had been heard of them.
  • This is until they finally come back after the Plague has swept through.
  • They come back not only to live in their Hall with all their precious possessions, but come back seeking urgent advice/help and guidance from Mr Mompellion for specific reasons.
colonel bradford
Colonel Bradford!
  • Colonel Bradford is the head of the ‘First’ family in Eyam. A powerful landowner, husband to Mrs. Bradford and father of Elizabeth Bradford.
  • Mr. Bradford receives his title as ‘Colonel’ because of his past experience, who fought for the Royalists in a Civil war and showing amazing leadership and courage as he is was described as an “intelligent soldier who had led his men with uncommon valour.” (pg.57).
Despite Colonel Bradford’s amazing tale of his past, he demonstrates in his time at the village, anything other than a leader or courageous.

The Colonel had strong views on who was classed as important, in the society opening up to them showing respect and highly disregarded anyone of minimal importance.

“ I feared if I gave her a second’s chance she would continue to converse with me, causing Colonel Bradford to expire from shock.” (pg.59 –Anna Frith)

“The colonel’s pride was gratified by the presence of Elinor Mompellion at his table”. (pg.58 –Anna Frith).

Furthermore, the Colonel’s actions towards his own servants that have worked under his wing for many years, were unforgivable, leaving them with as little as nothing. Two people who are put into this situation were Maggie Cantwell who had been the Bradford's cook for 18 years and the pantry boy Brand, who were both left homeless and jobless.

Although Mr Mompellion tried his best reasoning with the Colonel, Mr. Bradford showed no compassion at all, “I am merely doing what any man of means and sense must do: safeguarding what is mine”. (pg. 112)

Colonel Bradford does not only mistreat his staff and servants, but he also mistreats his own beloved wife. He is an arrogant bully who holds his whole household to ransom, treats his wife with great cruelty. Bradford makes no secret of the contempt he feels for his wife, “a vapid Beauty whose looks had stirred a brief infatuation in the colonel that lasted until he pocketed her marriage portion”. (pg. 57)
  • “Since then, he had never let pass an opportunity to disparage her connections or slight her understanding.” (pg.57)
Colonel Bradford Displays his true colours to everyone in the village when he decided to leave. Even with reasoning the colonel showed no interest except for the wellbeing of himself and his family.
  • “And if God sends a lion to rip your flesh, will you stand steadfastly then too? I think not. I think you will run from the danger, as any sensible man would”. (pg. 62)
  • Even after Mompellion answers the Colonels question: “For I will certainly stand and face the lion if, by running, I would cause the beast to follow me, and thus draw closer to the dwelling places of innocents who demand my protection” (pg. 62) the Colonel shows no kind of care for the people who look up to his family for leadership, help and support.
It is because of the Colonels attitude power and actions that makes him such a character that is disliked not only by the readers but is why Brooks views Colonel Bradford so negatively. It is seen that his own household is an unhappy one. When the Colonel is at the hall, his whole family, servants and staff “tensed like a cur waiting for the boot”. (pg. 58) In this sense, Bradford is no better than Josh Bont relying on fear and intimidation to subdue those around him.
mrs bradford
Mrs. Bradford!
  • The colonel’s wife and is the mother of Elizabeth Bradford.
  • She is also the Biological mother of Anna’s adopted baby, Aisha.
  • Mrs. Bradford “was the daughter of a wealthy but ill-connected family, and is and is described as a ‘Vapid Beauty’.
  • Mrs. Bradford isn’t treated like a wife or any woman should, as the Colonel controls their lives and in result leave Eyam with the colonel no questions asks.
mrs bradford the baby
Mrs. Bradford & the Baby.
  • Mrs Bradford is grievously punished for her infidelity. She is cast off by the Colonel and forced to relinquish her newborn daughter. His fury at the insult to his family pride is such that he will stop at nothing to rid himself of the child.
  • The amount of pressure put on Mrs. Bradford to be rid of the baby is the cause of the Colonels wishes.
  • It is Colonels, top priority to keep the pride of his name clean and his reputation untouched by an act by his own wife.
  • It is his desire that makes him act in a desperate manner because he most likely would not want to have a child within his family, with his name, that is not of his own blood.
elizabeth bradford
Elizabeth Bradford.
  • Elizabeth Bradford, like her father holds attitudes and performs actions that are informed by an arrogant sense of privilege. Her condescension towards whom she deems as inferior is of a rude manner and will do everything she ca to get what she wants.
  • Although we may see this side of Elizabeth in the book, she reveals her vulnerability in front of Anna when she breaks down and blurts out the seriousness of her mothers situation.
  • She too is fearful of her fathers fury that she tries to murder her newborn half-sister.
  • Even though she presents the other personality of herself when she expresses the fear of her father, she still expresses her fathers determination to protect the family name: “We cannot have our family name flaunted in this village for all to stare at & whisper over”. (pg. 289-290).
  • Although then again she shows her soft side, and shares interest of the baby’s welfare. Thus leading her to comply with Anna’s terms with Mrs. Bradford, in desire to rid of them both as quickly as possible.
our opinion of the colonel
Our Opinion of the Colonel?
  • Colonel Bradford is a strong leader in terms of being able to manage his own family an his social status in the village.
  • Although he is a selfish man that can only think of himself and his reputation living on.
  • His own family even fears him, they do what he says with out say.
  • In our opinion he is a waste in this society as his skills, experiences and knowledge aren’t put to potential good use. Rather he is wasted in hypocritical selfishness.
  • The one best word to describe him: “Coward”.
  • “Elizabeth Bradford was a coward, she was the daughter of ‘COWARDS”. (pg. 15)
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