the main kazakh national games n.
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The Main Kazakh National Games PowerPoint Presentation
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The Main Kazakh National Games

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The Main Kazakh National Games - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Main Kazakh National Games. By Aselya , Rita, Yana and Nastya. Kazakh culture and national traditions.

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The Main Kazakh National Games

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    1. The Main Kazakh National Games By Aselya, Rita, Yana and Nastya

    2. Kazakh culture and national traditions Kazakhs, like other cultural groups, have inherited various forms of entertainment and games from their forefathers. As you will observe, most of these cultural forms were based on life situations and national peculiarities: and their intent was to teach succeeding generations to be healthy, strong, brave, smart, observant, resourceful, resilient and humane, Entertainment is one of the branches of Kazakh national culture, Here we will briefly describe some of them.

    3. "KyzKuu" is "Run Down a Girl" Game The rules of the game are such as these: a fellow and a girl mount on their horses and the girl begin to ride full speed away from the fellow and he has to catch her up. They ride either for a limited time or on a limited area. If the fellow don't catch the girl he will lose the game, and she (girl) has to thong him with the whip (but without force). And if the fellow catch the girl he will have right to kiss her. It's a very merry game. The players must be able to ride well at a high speed.

    4. "KyzKuu" is "Run Down a Girl" Game

    5. "Kazakhshakures"- The Kazakh Wrestling Broadly speaking this game is like other types of wrestling, but there are some special rules. The wrestling demands very high endurance and power from the fighters. "Kazakshakures"- one of the most interesting shows for people.

    6. "Kazakhshakures"- The Kazakh Wrestling

    7. "Kokpar" Game The rules consist of the following: several fellows on their horses take away the killed sheep or the he-goat from each other. That boy, who takes away the sheep from the others, has to ride away from them. The competition goes on the definite distance. "Kokpar" is the examination for boldness, endurance and riding skill. Also it is important to ride on a good horse in the game.

    8. "Kokpar" Game

    9. "Aytis" The Oral Tournament Any two men, man or woman it's not important, who can sing and play dombra well sit down near each other and begin to improvise- to make fun of each other, and people listen to them and laugh. If the singers are tired, the public value whose jokes were the best. The winner gets price.

    10. "Aytis" The Oral Tournament

    11. "Kumis alu"-"Taking Silver" It is a game, which demands skill and perfect horse riding. The game is played at the bridegroom's wedding party or at the seeing-off party of the bride. The bride ties up her silver ring in a handkerchief and throw it out on the ground. The fellow, riding on a horse has to take this handkerchief not reducing speed of the horse. I must say there is a national custom: the bride opens her face only at the wedding. And the fellow, who could take the ring can introduce the bride ti the guests (open her face). It is a very honourable deal to open her face.

    12. "Kumis alu"-"Taking Silver"

    13. BAYGA* Horse races Players in pairs (horse and horseman) stand on the start line. They must not prevent one another. The first player (a horse) pulls his hands back down. The second (horseman) takes the first's hands and in this position they run to the finish line. A horseman, who runs to finish first, must jump and get a handkerchief, which is on the stick near the finish line. Game's rules: the race begins only after signal. Handkerchief is got only by a horseman.

    14. BAYGA* Horse races

    15. These games are usually played during the national holidays in order to remember national traditions of our ancestors. In everyday life children play basketball, volleyball, hockey, skate, ski!Enjoy our work!!! 