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  1. READY TO GO?! Preparing to study abroad with Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies

  2. Applying to an Arcadia Program: Where are you in this process? • Submitting a completed Application? • Spoken to your Program Manager? • Have questions to help you move forward in the process? • Have applied or updated your Passport?


  4. Ready to Go – Ireland and Scotland • FAQ’s • Packing • Cost of Living/Budget worksheets • Banking/Money • Weather

  5. University College Cork • Program Dates: Arrival Dec 29 - end June 1 • Orientation in Dublin • Register for classes upon arrival • Living in DeansHall • Spring Break: March 29- April 28 • Certificate in Political Issues in Ireland • Internships

  6. University College Dublin • Program Dates: Arrival Jan 14 - end May 19 • Pre-register for classes prior to arrival • Ireland largest and most diversified university • Living on campus • Spring Break: March 11-24 • Bus to downtown Dublin • Quinn school laptop requirement • New Sport & Fitness Center

  7. University of St. Andrews • Program Dates: arrival Jan 21 - end June 1 • Register for classes upon arrival • Orientation in Edinburgh • Catered or self catered residence halls • Spring Break: March 18-29 • College town • Celebrating 600th Anniversary • One hour train ride from Edinburgh

  8. University of Edinburgh • Program Dates: arrival Jan 10 - end May 25 • Register prior to arrival • Orientation in Edinburgh • Catered or self catered residence halls • Spring Break: April 8-19 • Arcadia Program Center on campus • Largest program

  9. Arriving Overseas Meet our staff – they will be there to answer your questions and concerns, guide you through orientation, make sure your academic program is on track, organize activities and excursions, and be there for support. Grainne Hand Assistant Director, Ireland Dr. Tom Kelley Resident Director, Ireland Dr. Hamish ThompsonResident Director, Scotland Karen Gibson Scottish Programs Officer

  10. Orientation and Cultural Enrichment Upon arrival you will be staying at various locations depending on where you are attending your study abroad program: Dublin for all programs in Ireland Edinburgh for all programs in Scotland During orientation, you'll meet your roommates, find out about academic expectations, and have some time to figure out where you are and how best to explore the city where you will be studying. Not only is orientation an opportunity to adjust to your new home, it is an important step in giving you the skills and knowledge to expand your own cultural learning.

  11. How to succeed academically • Independent learning (You are expected to take charge of your education) • Accommodation of Special Needs • Limited Computer access • End of term assessments- exam or essay • Reading during non- scheduled time • Credits and transcripts

  12. Excursions in Ireland • Theater • Weekend Excursion to Belfast and Giant’s • Causeway • Day trip (UCC: Bunratty Castle; • UCD: Glendalough) • Hop on/Hop off Bus tour of Dublin

  13. Excursions in Scotland • Theater • Weekend Trip to the Highlands • Adventure Weekend • Day Trip to the Scottish Borders

  14. The Co-Curricular Learning Certificate • Just as the Arcadia University Official Transcript documents • the academic achievement of the student, the Co-Curricular • Learning Certificate is a record of the students non academic • co and extra curricular learning experiences. The CLC will • list the students engagement in: • Internships • Service leaning • Volunteering • Lecture series • Excursions • Field research • Workshops • Capstone projects • Language partnerships, etc.

  15. CLC Themes Ireland Scotland Artistic Scotland Nature and Invention Active Scotland Creating Scotland Community Engagement • Irish Identity • Irish Campus Life • Irish Roots • Language Acquisition • Community Service

  16. Safety and Personal Care • Staff devoted to safety • & security • Arlene Snyder, Health & Safety Officer • Overseas Staff available 24hours • US-based Staff emergency contacts available 24 hours • Insurance Coverage • HTH • Well Prepared Website • Learn about Hospitals and Doctors Abroad • Research Prescriptions abroad • Set up your Personal Self Care plan • Parent Page

  17. Rhinesmith's Ten Stages of Adjustment Another Way of Looking at Culture Shock • Culture shock and its effects can occur in a number of stages. However, culture shock is not an exact step-by-step process; every student doesn't experience culture shock the same way or at the same time. The following 10 steps of cultural adjustment show how culture shock can be like a roller coaster ride of emotions: • initial anxiety • initial elation • initial culture shock • superficial adjustment • depression-frustration • acceptance of host culture • return anxiety • return elation • re-entry shock • reintegration • Riding the roller coaster of culture shock, a student actually follows a natural pattern of hitting peaks and valleys. The high points of excitement and interest are succeeded by lower points of depression, disorientation, or frustration. Each student will experience these ups and downs in different degrees of intensity and for different lengths of time. The process is necessary in order to make the transition from one culture to another; it helps a student or traveler to balance out and adjust. • Source: Returning Home, Canadian Bureau for International Education, 1984, p. 7.

  18. The Iceberg Concept of Culture

  19. All the apprehension leading up to studying abroad is definitely worth it, you will have an unforgettable journey that will follow you through life. Try to relax and take it all in. Arcadia student in Tanzania