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IXC softswitch light edition overview

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IXC softswitch light edition overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IXC softswitch light edition overview. System Requirements:. Apple Mac mini, iMac , MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, MacBook Air OS X 10.7 or above VNC (as client for remote desktop, Windows) or Remote desktop (build in OS X application). Features:. XLS price lists import and parsing

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system requirements
System Requirements:
  • Apple Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, MacBook Air
  • OS X 10.7 or above
  • VNC (as client for remote desktop, Windows) or
  • Remote desktop (build in OS Xapplication)
  • XLS price lists import and parsing
  • Build in SIP session debugger
  • Ability of work with different terminator ports
  • Using UDP or TCP protocols for SIP
  • Online calls monitoring
  • Simple and friendly application interface
  • Native OS X application
  • No database usage

Configuration utility allow you to create companies, remove it and creating the invoices based on CDRs (originated and terminated traffic). Each company consist of the name.

originators and terminators
Originators and Terminators

Configuration utility allow you to create, remove and assign originators and terminators.

Each originator have a name, IP address, ratesheet and terminator

Each terminator have a name, IP address, ratesheet, tech.prefixand port

The traffic must to be with SIP protocol of signalling only.

isFAS allow you to set FAS originator

isUDP shows terminator works with UDP protocol only

the price lists and r ate sheets
The Price Lists and Rate Sheets

There are two fields for price lists and rate sheets.

Left field allow to add, import or remove rate sheets. Both originator and terminator rate sheets are placed here. It have only rate sheet name.

Right field consist of rates (price lists) of each rate sheet. You are able to add rates or remove it.

Code and price column are required for call routing. Only dollars are available here in price column.

prices import from a file
Prices Import From a File

Import from a XLS file is available. You can arrange the fields (columns) and parse the file for prices even it was in mixed format. Then just click Apply and here you are.

call duration rates
Call Duration Rates

There are 3 fields for statistics like per hour statistics of originator and terminator (selected before) and CDRs.

You can see originator and terminator names, ASR, ACD, cost, disconnect reasons, call IDs and numbers for each call.


Set the period of invoice, amount and number and click on Apply. Simple with 3 steps.

sip debugger
SIP Debugger

It helps to debug SIP session of call. Here are both originator and terminator legs of call, and even RTP decoding is present here.

calls monitoring
Calls Monitoring

The monitoring field shows active calls via softswitch.

Date, number and connect columns help to see which number was connected and when in online.

  • It is light softswitch from a famous VoIP developers
  • It is simple and useful
  • No hard knowledges to set up the settings
  • No databases, replications etc
  • Useful interface just like application
  • All basic functions are present