satreetha amla shikakai the hero herbs n.
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Herbal Shampoo Manufacturers PowerPoint Presentation
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Herbal Shampoo Manufacturers

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Herbal Shampoo Manufacturers

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Herbal Shampoo Manufacturers

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  1. Satreetha, Amla, Shikakai- The Hero Herbs

  2. Company Profile Denajee Health Care Products is the brand that needs no introduction as it is already well-known in the market since 1988. We have a state-of-the-art facility to manufacture herbal cosmetic products that will give you the richness of rare herbs. We have Herbal Shampoo, Facial Cream, Hand Wash and much more that we offer under the brand name DENAJEE or RESPIYR. Our aim is to bring the goodness of nature to your doorstep and all our products are the true example of the same. We have even marked our stable position among the trusted All Purpose Cream Manufacturers. All our products are herbal and don’t contain any chemical, which will take care of your skin or hair. Also, they are economical so now you can buy the cosmetic or beauty products without breaking your bank. If you have any query, send us your enquiry directly from the website or call on the available numbers.

  3. Satreetha, Amla, Shikakai- The Hero Herbs

  4. When we talk about Ayurveda, it can be explained as the most sacred science of life, beneficial to all humans as the name Ayurveda itself can be explained in two parts: “Ayur = Life” and “Veda = Knowledge”. Mother Nature has blessed the humankind with innumerable herbs which are meritorious in treating various diseases and rectifying skin and hair ailments. The modernism and advancement are somewhere building a gap between people and nature, which is harmful in a long run. Herbal Shampoo Manufacturers such as Denajee Health Care Products understand the power of herbs and know that the natural components are no dead wood and incomparably better than the chemical-laden products which are making the skin conditions worse contrary to healing them. The present-time pollution is ruining the quality of hair of people and leading to dry scalps and locks, dandruff, weak hair, early age hair greying, etc.

  5. The hero herbs can combat the problems smoothly and will leave you with silkier, bouncier and shinier hair. These herbs are: Satreetha – Known as the eminent hair cleansing agent, Satreetha comes with a mother load of qualities and nutrients. The application of this product is guaranteed to provide you with better hair texture and shine. Amla– The medicinal properties and Ayurvedic value of the herb is appreciated every now and then. Its regular usage will aid hair growth and make them stronger. Shikakai– If you wish to fight against hair loss, dry scalp and also want to delay hair greying, Shikakai is the perfect fit for your needs. We realize that garnering all these products is not possible for everyone and hence, we have introduced a hair-care shampoo that is made with these generous natural herbs and not even a speck of chemicals are added to make the product. Make your order now to be delivered with the best products in the shortest time.

  6. Why Choose Us? • Our products provide an easy solution to beauty treatments • Natural ingredients have well-balancing, healing and nutritive properties that cannot be provided by chemicals • We source our ingredients with great care • We embrace the power of herbs and make best of use of them • Considerable value is charged against the products

  7. Contact Us Corporate Office Address DENAJEE HEALTH CARE PRODUCTSGuru KripaKunj, Opp. Madhubani Colony, Kanth Road, MORADABAD (Uttar Pradesh)- 244001 (INDIA) Factory Address: DENAJEE HEALTH CARE PRODUCTSOpp. Old Sales Tax Check Post, Shahganj, Moradabad Road, KASHIPUR (Uttrakhand)- 244713 (INDIA) Consumer Support: Toll Free 1800-123-1950 Email: