exercises for unit 5 n.
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Exercises for Unit 5

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Exercises for Unit 5 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exercises for Unit 5. D. To be _____, I don’t think you have the talent to be a great violinist. A. open B. plain C. general D. candid 2. They have _____ many horrible crimes against the Chinese people.  A. done B. made C. took D. committed

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exercises for unit 5
Exercises for Unit 5


  • To be _____, I don’t think you have the talent to be a great violinist.

A. open B. plain C. general D. candid

2. They have _____ many horrible crimes against the Chinese people. 

A. done B. made C. took D. committed

3. The _____ of thought in the country has turned against war.

A. tide B. flood C. current D. currency



exercises for unit 51
Exercises for Unit 5


4. An _____woman came to consult him about her throat.

A. older B. elder C. elderly D. eldest

5. Seeing a plain roared towards him, Tom was in a blue _____. 

A. frank B. funk C. funeral D. furnace

6. It’s _____ to fly in this weather.

A. mad B. crazy C. crazed D. insane



exercises for unit 52
Exercises for Unit 5


7. She has too _____a nature to get angry, even if he has good cause.

A. bland B. mild C. militant D. middling

8. Take a _____ of my drink and see if you like it or not.

A. suck B. sip C. lick D. lap

9. Don’t bother to look for my umbrella, it will _____ some day.

A. turn over B. turn up C. turn out D. turn on



exercises for unit 53
Exercises for Unit 5


10. _____, we were just talking about the same thing.

A. Too oddly B. Too strange

C. Oddly enough D. Strength enough

11. If trade’s no better next month, we shall go _____ and then what will you do for jobs?.

A. stuck B. blocked C. broke D. blank

12. His actions and principles are all _____ a piece.

A. to B. in C. by D. of



exercises for unit 54
Exercises for unit 5


13. I don’t think the answer lies simply in their physical _____ or in something unique about the climate in which they live. It is concerned with their attitude toward life.

A. physician B. constitute

C. constitution D. institute

14. In many large cities of the UK, there are many people who are _____. They have no money, no friends and no time.

A. down-to-earth B. down and out

C. up and down D. odds and ends


exercises for unit 55
Exercises for Unit 5


15. He always _____ his beard with a pair of scissors instead of a razor.

A. cuts B. trims C. plucks D. trains

16. He was _____ when he heard he was promoted. He had suffered too many years from his wife’s endless complaints.

A. taken aback B. taken ahead

C. taken away D. taken after

17. Many people are of the opinion that advertisements are _____.

A. receptive B. conceptive

C. deceptive D. deception



exercises for unit 56
Exercises for Unit 5


18. He never cares about such _____ as he is a broad-minded man.

A. stifles B. strife C. trifles D. strives

19. His behavior has _____ shown that he is trustworthy person.

A. imaginatively B. intuitively

C. evidently D. instinctively

20. He accepted our invitation to hold this party _____.

A. in good grace B. out of a good grace

C. with a good grace D. with better grace



exercises for unit 57
Exercises for Unit 5


21. Seeing the cute baby, I couldn’t help _____ his cheek tenderly.

A. teasing B. stroking C. contacting D.rubbing

22. Students will be punished if their behavior is not _____ school rules and regulations.

A. in accordance to B. in accordance with

C. in according to D. with accord to

23. Trust your _____ and do what you think is right.

A. self B. confidence

C. instincts D. nature



exercises for unit 58
Exercises for Unit 5


24. You’ll soon go all to _____ if you keep on working like that.

A. bits B. pieces C. segments D. parts

25. Can’t you see all what he told us are _____ lies?

A. opaque B. transparent

C. thorough D. entire

26. I peg your pardon? I don’t know what you are _____.

A. driving by B. driving on

C. driving at D. driving off



exercises for unit 59
Exercises for unit 5


27. She has been in bad _____ these days so she asked for a sick leave from the office.

A. time B. condition

C. way D. mood

28. He is making some progress in his work since his last project was well done _____.

A. in a way B. in a day

C. in a lay D. in a ray

29. He doesn’t think he is suitable for this job for his own _____.

A. reason B. idea

C. division D. part



exercises for unit 510
Exercises for Unit 5


30. We have a _____ for a computer programmer..

A. vacant B. vacancy

C. emptiness D. gap

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