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College Success CG100 Fall 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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College Success CG100 Fall 2010

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College Success CG100 Fall 2010

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  1. College SuccessCG100Fall 2010 By: Jason Duval And Stephenie Perkins

  2. NOSCE TE IPSUM: KNOW THYSELF College Success is a course that teaches you about self awareness, setting goals, and many other tips on how to be successful in college. Throughout the slideshow, we will explain what is taught in each area. Know thyself: You have the right to choose your consciousness , by creating or changing your thoughts and attitude.

  3. CONCENTRATION Three ways to improve your concentration: 1. Create a routine for your study sessions. Try to study at the same time every day so that your mind and body become accustomed to knowing what to expect.2. Limit your distractions. If you have children at home, or live in a dorm with roommates, it's not always possible to have a distraction-free area to study in. Take yourself off to the library if you have to to get things done. Or if you can't do that, try putting on some headphones and listening to quiet classical music to drown out the background noise.3. Take lots of breaks. If you're pulling an all-night session especially, take a ten-minute break every hour. Get a drink of water, do some stretches and let your mind absorb what it's just taken in. The surest way to dull your concentration is to end up with a case of information-overload.

  4. NOTE-TAKING Effective and Efficient Tips: Three keys to green environment – educate public, improve techno., and help increase demand for recycling. Keys to green environment: 1- ed. public 2- inc. tech. 3- recycle • Thorough = all main ideas • Concise • Visually appealing • Clear connections • Legible handwriting • Symbols and abbreviations • Use headings and spaces • Use pictures • Use diagrams • Use capitals, boxes and underlines

  5. TAKING TESTS Effective Test-Taking Tips: What to do the day before the test: Review your summary notes. Pull together whatever you need to take the test such as sharpened pencils, pens, an eraser, a calculator, a dictionary, and/or a watch. Eat nutritious meals and avoid overuse of caffeine. Check your mental state. If you are anxious, use relaxation techniques to calm yourself and positive self-talk to build your confidence. Get a good night's sleep. If you are well rested, you will more easily recall information that you have learned. What to do the day of the test: Eat a nutritious breakfast and drink plenty of water. Dress in layers so you can be comfortable. Check your mental state. Use relaxation techniques to calm yourself and positive self-talk to build your confidence. Go to the restroom before going to class Arrive early for the test so you have time to get comfortable. Review your summaries instead of talking with classmates.

  6. MANAGING YOUR TIME • Procrastination is a number one issue with not managing time well. Everyone does it, some more than others. But there are ways to help prevent it: • Use self talk to combat the inner critic • Make a detailed plan and calendar • Change thinking • Avoid going out with friends, or any other distraction while you should be studying • Stay positive and goal oriented

  7. STRESS MANAGEMENT Helpful Ways To Manage Stress • Ignoring Stress will not make it go away. You need to face it and find a solution that works best for you. • Think positive • Relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, etc. • Eat a healthy diet. • Get plenty of sleep. A good nights sleep does wonders for your state of mind. • Exercise. • Listening to music will soothe your state of mind. • Let it out by talking it out with a friend or spouse. Don’t let stress bottle up inside.

  8. All of these techniques and tips are ways to be successful in not only college, but in life as well. 