At risk drivers and assessments
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At-Risk Drivers and Assessments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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At risk drivers and assessments

At-Risk Driversand Assessments

Susan Mynsberge

Senior Analyst, MDOS

At risk drivers and assessments


The Michigan Department of State’s mission is to continually improve customer service using innovation and new technology. The Department serves the citizens of Michigan with programs designed to enhance driver safety; protect automotive consumers; and ensure the integrity of the motor vehicle administration system and the statewide elections process.

  • Department’s Role

  • Accomplishments

  • Tiered Assessment Process

  • Current Initiatives

At risk drivers and assessments

Organization Chart

  • Secretary of State, Terri Lynn Land

    • Brian DeBano, CEO

      • Customer Services Administration

        • Bureau of Driver and Vehicle Records

        • Bureau of Branch Office Services

      • Legal and Regulatory Services Administration

        • Bureau of Regulatory Services

          • Driver Programs Division

          • Driver Assessment and Appeals Division

      • Department Services Administration

At risk drivers and assessments

“Driving for Life”

Mobile Branch Office

Collaboration with Rehabilitation Agencies

Governor’s Traffic Safety Advisory Commission

“The Pump Guide”

Driver Safety Accomplishments

At risk drivers and assessments

Department’s Goal

The Department of State’s goal is to help maintain a person’s driving privilege for as long as possible while keeping safe and qualified drivers using Michigan roadways.

At risk drivers and assessments

Licensed Michigan Drivers:

<16-24 1,129,937

25-34 1,216,505

35-44 1,395,254

45-54 1,428,888

55-64 1,017,356

65-74 581,564

75-84 377,215

85-94 86,662

95+ 2,241

Total 7,235,622

Michigan Drivers

81% of Michigan drivers are violation free

88% of Michigan drivers are crash free

October 2005 DR9235 Report

Tier 1 license renewal
Tier 1: License Renewal

  • Renewal by Mail

    not eligible if

    • Change in health or physical condition affecting ability to drive

    • More than four years since last renewal

  • Branch Office

    • Screening

    • Vision test

At risk drivers and assessments

Tier 3: Referrals for Driver Reexamination

  • Acquire tickets as a probationary driver

  • The Secretary of State has reason to believe that a driver cannot drive safely due to a mental or physical condition

  • Involvement in a fatal crash

  • Involved in 3 or more “at-fault” crashes within a two-year period

  • Accumulate 12 points within a two-year period

  • Violation of restrictions

At risk drivers and assessments

Adult Driver Referrals for Re-exam

  • 5,600 Unsatisfactory Driver Records

  • 6,200 Violations of License Restrictions

  • 10,400 Medical Reexaminations

  • 300 Negligent Crash Reexaminations


At risk drivers and assessments

Crash Drivers

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Traffic Safety Facts 2000

At risk drivers and assessments

Mature Driver Self-Regulation

  • Awareness of physical limitations

  • Communication with physician

  • Driving in familiar locations

  • Driving during the day to avoid rush hours

At risk drivers and assessments

OC-88 Request for Driver Evaluation

Available at:

  • Secretary of State branch offices


At risk drivers and assessments

Reasons for Referral

  • Vision Deficiencies

  • Seizure Disorders (loss/impaired level of consciousness)

  • Observed Unsafe or Erratic Driving Behavior

  • Uncontrollable Shaking/Trembling

  • Anxiety

  • Neurological Diseases (Parkinson’s disease, MS)

  • Dementia (memory loss/confusion)

  • Medical Condition Related to Alcohol or Drug Condition

  • Physical Limitation (stroke, weakness)

  • Mental Condition (schizophrenia, paranoia)

At risk drivers and assessments

Reexamination Process

  • Notification by Letter

    • Date, Time, and Location

    • Medical and/or Vision Forms

  • Evaluation

    • Driver Record - Interview

    • Medical and/or Vision Statements

    • Completion of Tests:

      • Vision

      • Road sign/Knowledge (Cognitive)

      • Road performance (Functional Ability)

  • Licensing Controls

    • None

    • Restricted (specific times/places, adaptive equipment, corrective lens)

    • Suspension or Revocation

  • At risk drivers and assessments

    Mature Driver Intervention

    • 5 out of 10 referred drivers have an acceptable medical condition monitored by future follow-up

    • 2 out of 10 receive limited driving (daylight driving, designated radius) with future follow-up

    • 3 out of 10 drivers are indefinitely suspended pending improved medical condition or driving capability


    At risk drivers and assessments

    Partnered with Agencies Across Michigan

    Two Step Process

    Restricted License for Training

    Reexamination upon completion of training

    Rehabilitation Partners

    Hand Controls

    Spinner Knob

    At risk drivers and assessments

    AARP Driver Safety Program

    • Classroom Driver Refresher Course

    • Measure Driver Knowledge

    • When to Stop Driving Information

    • For More Information:

      • Secretary of State Branch Offices


    At risk drivers and assessments

    Michigan Department of State Brochure

    • Alternative

    • Transportation for

    • Older Drivers:

    • Public Transportation

    • Local Area Agency on Aging

    • Friends and Family Members

    At risk drivers and assessments

    Medical Advisory Board - Exploring

    Medical and Vision Standards Review

    Driving Competency Assessment Tools - Exploring

    On-line Defensive Driving Course

    Driver Assistance Program

    Current Initiatives