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AIM: How does culture influence peoples’ lives? PowerPoint Presentation
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AIM: How does culture influence peoples’ lives?

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AIM: How does culture influence peoples’ lives? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AIM: How does culture influence peoples’ lives?
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  1. AIM: How does culture influence peoples’ lives? Do now: Identify one thing that represents yourculture. Example: American culture - baseball HW – Pick five artifacts in your home, describe the item, and describe why it is important to your culture?

  2. *NOTES* WHAT IS CULTURE????? The unique way in which a group of people live (2) Generally refers to the patterns of human activity (3) "The total, generally organized way of life, including values, norms, institutions, and artifacts, that is passed on from generation to generation by learning alone"

  3. WHY IS CULTURE SOMETIMES COMPARED TO AN ICEBERG? Facial expressions Religious beliefs Foods Eating habits Paintings Concept of self Work ethic Styles of dress Literature Concept of fairness Childraising beliefs YOU CAN SEE YOU CAN’T SEE

  4. Whose culture is being identified in the following images???: writing Architecture/ religion Art Art/mythology clothing food What elements of culture do we see in these images?

  5. Whose culture is identified in these images? TAPAS/ FOOD DANCE/ CLOTHING ARCHITECTURE ARCHITECTURE SPORTS/ GAMES

  6. *NOTES* Cultural diffusion- the exchanging of ideas from one culture to another usually done through trade and warfare Example: baseball in Japan Cultural Assimilation- taking elements of one’s culture and making it your own (absorbing into a new culture)

  7. SUMMARY: ANSWER #1-3 ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER. (TO BE COLLECTED!!!!!!!!!) Everyone has a culture. It shapes how we see the world, ourselves, and others. 1. How does my culture shape me? 2. How does culture shape the way we see ourselves, others, and the world? 3. Why is it important to understand culture?

  8. MATCH THE FOLLOWING. 1. Geographer a. studies the past by examining artifacts and ancient ruins 2. Political Scientist b. studies the world’s landscapes and climate 3. Archaeologist c. studies the operations of different forms of governments 4. Economist d. studies the past by examining primary and secondary sources 5. Historian e. studies how goods and services are distributed in societies 6. Anthropologist f. studies culture and how people interact with society