Technological effects scientific innovations
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Steamboat. Invented by Robert Fulton, improved transportation (could move both downstream and upstream on a river). Technological Effects: Scientific innovations:. Steam powered Waterwheel-allows to travel against current. Steam engine.

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Technological effects scientific innovations


Invented by Robert Fulton, improved transportation (could move both downstream and upstream on a river)

Technological Effects: Scientific innovations:

Steam powered


to travel against current

Steam engine

Invented by Eli Whitney to clean and process cotton bolls faster.

Met a need but had unintended negative consequences

Cotton Gin

Interchangeable parts and mass production faster.

Eli Whitney standardized parts, making them interchangeable from one item to another.

This made manufacturing easier and less costly=CHEAPER products for consumers 

Erie Canal (1832) and the start of Canal systems faster.

A 50 ft. wide path cut through forests, hills, and swamps. Then a ditch 40 ft wide and 4 ft deep had to be dug.

Thousands of workers were needed for this project. 25% of these workers were Irish.

This modification of the environment allowed the Great Lakes to be connected to the Hudson river

This connection made it cheaper and easier to get Midwestern farm products out to the ocean for trade and vice versa!

How to move all of these new products?...infrastructure!

Railroads faster.

In England and America inventors applied the steam engine technology to build the railroad locomotive

Communication innovations

Telegraph faster.

The spread of Rail roads was accompanied by the invention of the telegraph by Samuel F.B. Morse.

Provides instant communication across the nation a reality.

Communication Innovations

Ir effects the american economy and society

America was largely rural in the 1830’s. faster.

The rise of industry changes this.

1820-350.000 factory workers….by 1860 there are 2 MILLION factory workers!

People develop new work habits (time clocks, schedules)

Women and children enter the workforce along with immigrants

Needed more educated leaders and managers

Rapid industrialization brings increase in

IR effects the American Economy and Society