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CURT MANUFACTURING. Custom Hitch eCommerce Program. Industry Overview. Brief Timeline. Traditional Organization – CURT Prior to eCommerce. CURT – eComm Focused Dept. CURT eCommerce Org Structure.

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  1. CURT MANUFACTURING Custom Hitch eCommerce Program

  2. Industry Overview

  3. Brief Timeline

  4. Traditional Organization – CURT Prior to eCommerce

  5. CURT – eComm Focused Dept.

  6. CURT eCommerce Org Structure • Modeled our eCommerce strategy based on current business; to support CURT’s customers’ efforts - B2B2C. • Developed internal structure and tactics to support this business strategy. • As you can see below, we are in the process of expanding our department to meet the growing “e” needs of all CURT customers.

  7. Key Elements • Stock nothing! • Product suits DIY and DIFM. • Take orders. • Pass them to us. • We ship them anywhere within 24 hrs.

  8. Key Elements – Warehouses & Service • 100% drop-ship utilizing CURT’s company owned, North American warehouse system. No need to inventory. • 24 hour turn-around on orders. • 98% plus, in-season order fill.

  9. Key Elements - Ordering • Orders can be submitted in any of the following ways: • EDI • CURT ComNet B2B Portal at curtmfg.com • Fax • Phone • eMail

  10. Key Elements - Freight • Freight can be handled either: • Third Party Billed • Pre-Pay and Add: • We receive favorable rates and weight classifications. • We can provide a freight matrix to help you determine shipping rates to charge your customers.

  11. Key Elements – Photography • On-demand download. • Images are key. • Video is now imperative for web 3.0

  12. Key Elements – Installation Instructions – Provided on CURT ftp. New format also includes step-by-step color photos.

  13. eMedia – Current Video Inventory • Dedicated video dept. since 2012 with staffing to double in 2014. • All videos accessible in data feeds via YouTube embed code. • youtube.com/curtmfg • 350k+ views over 200+ videos

  14. Key Elements – Consumer Feedback • CURT receives a significant amount of positive feedback about our products. • All feedback is not always positive, but all feedback is authentic and we read our reviews and will work with consumers when needed to their satisfaction. Source: a BizaarVoice customer.

  15. Data Delivery • 3rd Party Providers: • Activant – Live now. • DCi – Live now. • Wrenchhead – Live now. • Edgenet/BigHammer - soon • CURT Provided - PREFERRED: • CURT EDS (eCommerce Data Solution). • Benefits – Up-to-date application information. • Live Data Feed (Through CURT servers). • Benefits – Live application data sent directly to customer site. No manual uploading.

  16. Data Delivery • Application data cycle. • Example of how data drives results page.

  17. Data Upgrades • Currently – Five data spreadsheets/sources: • EDS – Hitches (Rear & Front Mounts) & T-Connectors • Gooseneck& Fifth Wheel Installation Kits. • Universal Parts – Accessories, etc. • New Effort • One comprehensive spreadsheet – EDS². • 100% ACES & PIES

  18. Where to get information

  19. The CURT eBusiness Resource Guide is a valuable resource for CURT eCommerce assistance. Feel free to contact: Lee Adelman – VP, eCommerce & Retail. ladelman@curtmfg.com PJ McGinley– eBusiness Manager. pmcginley@curtmfg.com Travis Mai – eCommerce Sales & Training Manager tmai@curtmfg.com

  20. Consumer Education & Social Marketing

  21. Summary – How we can help • Widest coverage of custom trailer hitches in the industry – we can back it up. • Largest distribution footprint –8 fully stocked warehouses across North America (2 Canada). • We can reach any consumer or store/warehouse in the U.S. within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of order. • 98+ % year round order fill (not average – actual fill rates throughout the year).

  22. Final Thought • CURT is the only company prepared to help in this venture for three simple reasons: • We are the most advanced company technologically and we can work with your IT people and speak their language. We also have the comprehensive support material from data to actual product photos and soon video. • We perform in the field. We simply ship at a higher rate and faster than any other company in the industry. • Our products are of the highest quality and best value to the consumer. We are focused on the consumer and their needs and support them at every turn.

  23. Potential Supplier Questions • Brief Company History • Core Competencies • CURT Imagining Initiative • Competitive Position • Notable Customers

  24. Brief Company History • Our company was started in 1993 by founder, Curt Tambornino. Curt began the business by importing and distributing hitch balls. As demand for his services grew, he added products and began manufacturing in Eau Claire, WI. Curt believed strongly that the industry needed a more cosmetically appealing product. • Hired industry professionals to help form a team. • Team has been successful and now we have in excess of 500 employees. • Formed our eCommerce department in 2006 in order to exclusively serve the needs of our online customers. • CURT is now owned by Audax Group (great PE firm helping us acquire companies) and the management team at CURT.

  25. Core Competencies • Core Competencies Include: • Manufacturing of Trailer Hitches and Trailer Wiring Harnesses. • Importation of Key Towing Accessories. • Also have DI programs to support large commodity purchases. • Warehousing and Distribution. • Design, R&D, and Testing. • EDI and other electronic transmission. • Electronic Cataloging and the dissemination of large data tables. • Videography, photography and other electronic content assets. • eCommerce department dedicated to your needs.

  26. CURT Imaging Initiative

  27. Competitive Position • CURT Manufacturing is an industry leader in the manufacturing of custom trailer hitches for North America. • Our significant competitors are: • Draw-Tite • Reese All part of Cequent Towing • Hidden Hitch • B&W (Gooseneck) • Hoppy – Custom Wiring Harnesses

  28. Competitive Position • What sets CURT apart from competition? • Privately held since company began in 1993. • With over 1,100 custom hitch applications, CURT is by far, the leader in this area. • Most cosmetically appealing products in the industry. • Our order fill is the highest in the industry (98+%). • We have significantly more company owned distribution points than any of our competitors. In fact right now we have more warehouses than all competitors combined! • No one in the industry can support eCommerce and drop-ship (Special Orders) to stores and consumers better than CURT.

  29. Notable Customers • Notable Customers Include: • Advance Auto Parts – Drop Ship. • Amazon.com • Blain’s Farm & Fleet • Cabela’s • JC Whitney • Mill’s Fleet Farm • U-Haul

  30. eCommerce Excellence This was awarded to a CURT exclusive customer who does not stock anything. They achieved Platinum status for 2011 & 2012, which puts them among the top 30 eTailers.

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