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Circe. Lydia Ebel. What’s Circe Story? (most famous one).

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Lydia Ebel

what s circe story most famous one
What’s Circe Story?(most famous one)
  • Odysseus and his men landed on the island of Aeaea (Circe’s realm) during part of their long journey. Circe persuaded Odysseus’s watchmen into her house with her beauty and then changed them to swine, pinned them up, and gave them acorns to eat. The men on the inside knew they were eating acorns and were aware of the vile taste, but they couldn’t do anything about it because they were under Circe’s control. Luckily, one of the groups had not fallen under Circe’s persuasion and stayed behind. They fled back to their ship and informed Odysseus of what had happened. On Odysseus’s way to help his soldiers he met Hermes. Hermes gave him a herb that could protect him from Circe’s dark art. Odysseus took the herb, so when Circe tried to change Odysseus into an animal he remained unchanged. The beautiful witch fell in love with this marvelous man who could resist her magic. She turned his men back to human at his command and they stayed at her house for one happy year. When it was time for Odysseus and his men to leave, Circe told them where to go for the next step of their journey- the Underworld. All the men left and cried on their way out. Circe was an obstacle in their journey and a help.
what s circe like
What’s Circe like?
  • Witch/Sorceress
  • Beautiful
  • Demi-goddess
  • Skilled in metamorphosis, illusions, dark art, magical spells, and magical herbs
  • Her beauty intrigues men, allowing her to use her spells on them
  • *Not a quality but important info.*-Her parents are Helios and Hecate

(Sun god often confused with Apollo)

(Goddess of the dark of the moon and evil deeds)

did she affect the greek s view of the world
Did She Affect the Greek’s View of the World?
  • Circe didn’t really affect the way the Greeks looked at their world. She was a demigoddess and she isn’t even on Mount Olympus. She doesn’t have any extremely significant stories/ roles in the universe.
circe where did i just see that name
Circe…Where Did I Just See That Name?
  • Even though Circe is not a very important/popular God in Greek culture, she seems to be popular in our culture. Here are some examples of how she is alluded to in our culture.
  • John Myer’s novel: Silverlock- she turns the main character into a pig
  • Short story by Julio Cortazar called “Circe”
  • Circe is referred to in J.K. Rowling’s novel Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Rick Riordan’s novel The Sea of Monsters- she runs an island health spa and turns Percy Jackson (the main character) into a guinea pig
  • “Circe poisoning the Sea” is a song from Alcest’s 2009

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