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Study Guide 9. Who won the election of 1844?. Sam Houston. Who was the leader of the Texas rebels that defeated Santa Anna at San Jacinto?. In the 1820’s Mexico invited American settlers to Texas. Texas. Apache.

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ApacheWhich group of Native Americans grew more powerful and led many attacks on Spanish colonists in New Mexico?
Who was the US Army General who won several victories in the disputed territory in the Mexican-American War?
describe some difficulties faced by emigrants on the oregon trail
Deep mud

Swollen Rivers


Indian Attacks

Equipment Failure

Poor Health

Describe some difficulties faced by emigrants on the Oregon Trail.
what effects did the gold rush have on the development of the united states
California’s population exploded.

Businessmen made big money selling goods to miners.

Immigrants that came for gold stayed for jobs leading to greater ethnic diversity.

What effects did the Gold Rush have on the development of the United States?