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Parenting programmes

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Parenting programmes
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  1. Parenting programmes VLE for 22nd January 2013 Chris Gordon

  2. Parenting Programmes • The Department of Education hosts a site that is for parents and commissioners looking for parenting programmes and interventions. The programmes have all been independently evaluated using an evidence-based approach to show that they work. • Assessments were carried out prior to 1st April 2012, there are no current plans to review information/ programmes on the website, or add new ones. •

  3. Information for Commissioners In order to make effective commissioning decisions, commissioners require a great deal of information about what the programme does and how it can be delivered. This information includes: • Who the programme is for? • What agencies can deliver it? • Who can deliver it? • How can it be delivered? • How much does it cost?

  4. The website provides: Information about evidence-based parenting interventions. All of the interventions listed have evidence of consistently improving outcomes for parents and children. This means that the parenting programme has undergone an evaluation that has: • Observed a statistically significant positive change in one child outcome or one parent/child outcome • Observed this change with standardised measures completed by the parents before and after participating in the programme • Observed this change with at least 20 families representative of the target population • Observed no negative changes in the parents’ or child’s behaviour.

  5. About the Ratings To be included on this website, parenting programmes are rated using the Parenting Programme Evaluation Tool (PPET). This tool rates parenting programmes against standards of best practice in four domains: • The specificity of the programme’s target population (Who is it for?) • The programme’s theories and activities (What does it do?) • The programme’s training and implementation support systems (Who delivers the programmes and how?) • The strength of the programme’s evaluation evidence (How we know the programme works?).

  6. About the Ratings All programmes receive a rating from 0 to 4 within each category, resulting in four ratings. A rating of 4 means that the programme meets all of the criteria in the category (in other words, the programme is strongly developed in this domain) and a rating of 0 if they do not meet any of the criteria. * * * * Strong * * * Promising * * Preliminary * Requires further development 0 rated

  7. The blogquestions • What programmes would be suitable for families with a young person engaging in persistent antisocial behaviour and substance misuse? What do they offer? Compare and discuss further… • What programmes would be suitable for young, pregnant mothers expecting their first child? What do they offer? Compare and discuss further… • What programmes would be suitable for parents interested in improving their relationship with their child? What do they offer? Compare and discuss further…

  8. The blogquestions • What programmes would be suitable for parents with concerns about their child’s behaviours (including ADHD)? What do they offer? Compare and discuss further… • What programmes would be suitable for parents who are going through a difficult time possibly resulting in divorce or separation? What do they offer? Compare and contrast…