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State of Kansas Statewide Financial Management System Project Kickoff October 12, 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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State of Kansas Statewide Financial Management System Project Kickoff October 12, 2007

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State of Kansas Statewide Financial Management System Project Kickoff October 12, 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State of Kansas Statewide Financial Management System Project Kickoff October 12, 2007. Meeting Agenda. Welcome FMS Project Background Project Scope Project Governance and Vision Planned Pre-Implementation Activities Pre-Implementation Overview/Timeline

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Presentation Transcript

State of Kansas

Statewide Financial Management System

Project KickoffOctober 12, 2007

meeting agenda
Meeting Agenda
  • Welcome
  • FMS Project Background
  • Project Scope
  • Project Governance and Vision
  • Planned Pre-Implementation Activities
    • Pre-Implementation Overview/Timeline
    • Organizational Readiness/Risk Assessment
    • Agency Administrative System Review
    • Request for Proposal (Acquire Software/Services)
    • Other Activities (Document As-Is, Chart of Accounts Review, Commodity Code and Vendor File Approaches)
    • Project Staffing
  • Upcoming Activities
  • Q&A
fms project background fall 2006 needs assessment
FMS Project Background Fall 2006 Needs Assessment
  • Update of 2001 FMS Needs Assessment performed by Accenture.
  • Project conducted from September 2006 through December 2006. Worked with Salvaggio, Teal, and Associates (STA) who have performed similar work in six other states.
  • Scope: Update system requirements, business case, and develop recommendations regarding best practices for implementing a new statewide FMS
  • Oversight by 13-member steering committee representing all branches of state government
  • Over 200 individuals and 50 agencies participated in some form (requirements gathering, interface meetings, financial analysis/surveys, etc.)
  • Recommended the state move forward to acquire and implement a new Financial Management System
  • Estimated cost of $40.8M, 21-month timeframe for implementation from October 2008 through July 2010
fms project background fall 2006 needs assessment4
FMS Project Background Fall 2006 Needs Assessment
  • Implementation Approach
    • Big Bang (all agencies go-live simultaneously)
  • Estimated Timeline for Implementation Project
    • 21 months
  • Estimated Implementation Date (Go-Live)
    • July 1, 2010
  • Estimated Implementation Start Date
    • October 1, 2008. Actual date dependent on outcome and time period required to complete pre-implementation activities
fms project scope
FMS Project Scope

Scope for Implementation:

  • General Ledger (including Grant/Project Accounting and Cost Allocation)
  • Accounts Payable
  • Procurement
  • Asset Management
  • Reporting/Data Warehouse
fms project scope6
FMS Project Scope

Systems in scope for recommended replacement:

  • STARS Ad Hoc
  • Procurement Manager Plus
  • Selected agency administrative systems

Systems not replaced as part of implementation:

  • Budget Management System (BMS)
  • SOKI3+
  • Kansas Debt Recovery System (Setoff)
  • Regents Institutions systems (continue to interface)
fms project project governance sponsors
FMS ProjectProject Governance - Sponsors
  • Duane Goossen

Secretary of Administration

  • Carol Foreman

Deputy Secretary of Administration

  • Denise Moore

Executive Branch Chief Information Technology Officer

fms project project governance steering committee
FMS ProjectProject Governance – Steering Committee
  • Chair – Duane Goossen, Secretary of Administration
  • Mary Blubaugh, Board of Nursing
  • Alan Conroy, Legislative Research Department
  • Carol Foreman, Department of Administration
  • Elaine Frisbie, Department of Administration; Division of Budget
  • Kathy Greenlee, Department on Aging
  • Mike Hayden, Department of Wildlife and Parks
  • Chris Howe, Department of Administration, Division of Purchases
  • Lynn Jenkins, State Treasurer
  • Don Jordan, Department of Social & Rehabilitation Services
  • Deb Miller, Department of Transportation
  • Denise Moore, Executive Branch Chief Information Technology Officer
  • Kent Olson, Department of Administration, Accounts and Reports
  • Reginald Robinson, Board of Regents
  • Howard Schwartz, Judicial Administrator
  • Joan Wagnon, Department of Revenue
  • Roger Werholz, Department of Corrections
project vision
Project Vision

Implement a Statewide Financial Management System that provides for:

  • An integrated accounting system with a more useful Chart of Accounts that enhances the ability to report statewide expenditures by fund, service area, program, grant, vendor, item, and contract through implementation of statewide account coding standards.
  • An integrated procurement system that automates purchasing requests and sourcing, with a single vendor and item master
project vision11
Project Vision
  • Better information to enable agencies to more effectively manage their programs and measure performance
  • Increased accountability and transparency to the public in the use of public funds.
  • Elimination of agency-level systems that perform basic administrative, financial, and procurement functions that can and should be performed by a centralized system.
project vision12
Project Vision
  • Simplification and integration of the State's application architecture by reducing the number of separate information systems, the custom interfaces that connect them, and out-of-date technology
  • A business foundation upon which to automate additional business functions which may develop in the future on an integrated platform.
  • Use of Internet technology to lower costs of maintenance and increase accessibility
  • Limiting customization and/or modifications of the FMS software to minimize implementation costs, to support standardization of business practices, and to preserve the ability to upgrade to new versions as they are released.
fms project pre implementation activities
FMS ProjectPre-Implementation Activities
  • Establish Project Governance (Oct. 2007)
  • Organizational Readiness/Risk Assessment (Oct - Jan 2008)
  • Agency Administrative System Review (Oct – Jan 2008)
  • Procure Implementation Software/Services (Oct – July 2008)
  • Procure Implementation Quality Assurance Services (late Summer 2008)
  • Chart of Accounts Review (March 2008)
  • Commodity Code Analysis (March 2008)
  • Develop Vendor File Consolidation Approach (March 2008)
  • As-Is Business Process Documentation (Spring/Summer 2008)
  • Report Inventory (Ongoing)
  • Project Team Staffing (Ongoing)
  • Procure/Equip Project Team Facilities (through July 2008)
fms project organizational readiness risk assessment
FMS ProjectOrganizational Readiness/Risk Assessment

Purpose: To provide a baseline assessment of the State of Kansas’ risks and readiness to execute an FMS implementation project, along with a roadmap to address any issues or deficiencies identified.

Areas covered include:

  • Leadership Readiness
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Governance
  • General FMS Implementation Risks

The Assessment is currently being conducted and consists of:

  • Interviews w/stakeholders from various communities
  • Analysis of results based on risk framework, best practices, and experience with other projects
  • Workshops to discuss/refine/present results
  • Work with State to develop recommendations/roadmap
fms project agency administrative system review
FMS Project Agency Administrative System Review

The Needs Assessment completed last fall recommended that selected state agency administrative systems (excluding Regents) be slated for replacement as part of the FMS implementation project.

The purpose of the Agency Administrative System Review includes:

  • Analysis/discussions with agencies to identify any significant challenges/issues to FMS adoption/agency administrative system replacement
  • Provide an overview of the project scope, activities, and timeline and gain agreement on roles/responsibilities between the project team and state agencies regarding agency administrative system replacement
  • Obtain contact and organizational information to assist in design and change management effort (eventually will be done statewide)
  • Present the results of this analysis to the project steering committee for review/discussion
  • Incorporate pertinent information in the software/services Request for Proposal
fms project procure software services
FMS Project Procure Software/Services

High-level steps to procure software and system integrator services for the implementation phase:

  • Finalize procurement approach/strategy
  • Form evaluation committee, prepare/issue RFP, develop evaluation guide, hold pre-bid conference
  • Prepare demonstration scripts
  • Receive/evaluate RFP responses, check references, etc.
  • Conduct vendor demonstrations
  • Conduct Revised Offer process as needed
  • Negotiate/Finalize Software/Services Agreements
fms project other planned activities
FMS Project Other Planned Activities
  • Chart of Accounts Review
    • Survey agencies
    • Document deficiencies in current Chart of Accounts
    • Compare Market Capabilities
    • Analyze Findings/Issues
  • Commodity Code Approach
    • Analyze available schemas against state requirements
    • Document Issues, Provide recommendations
  • Vendor File Consolidation Approach
    • Analyze current STARS/PM+ Vendor Files, identify issues
    • Provide Recommendations on approach to consolidation
  • As-Is Process Documentation
    • Document Existing Processes at a high-level
    • Identify related laws, regulations, performance measures
    • Identify improvement opportunities, document issues

Report Inventory

    • Compile prioritized inventory of central/agency reports
fms project project staffing23
FMS Project Project Staffing
  • Part-time participation for most key staff through late summer 2008
  • Reviewing requirements, assistance on RFP development and vendor evaluation, other preparatory activities
  • Functional Team - Experience with key functional areas (Accounts payable, General Ledger, Budget, Project/Grant accounting, Asset Management, Purchasing). In-depth knowledge of the State’s business processes.
fms project project staffing24
FMS Project Project Staffing
  • Change Management Team – Experience with communication planning, org/position redesign
  • Training Team - Experience developing/conducting training, strong verbal/presentation skills; prior functional experience
  • Tech Team - Experience with a variety of technologies, and knowledge of the existing technology environment
  • General Team Member Skills
    • Excellent interaction/communication/teamwork skills
    • Willingness to learn new skills
    • Commitment to performance improvement
    • Willingness to embrace change and model it for others
upcoming activities
Upcoming Activities
  • Organizational Readiness/Risk Assessment
    • Ongoing through January 2008
  • Agency Administrative System Review
    • Throughout fall, with results to be presented to the project steering committee in January 2008
  • RFP Development
    • Ongoing through January 2008
  • Steering Committee meetings
    • Next meeting - November 8
ongoing project information
Ongoing Project Information