6 Degrees of Oil
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6 Degrees of Oil Consumption! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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6 Degrees of Oil Consumption!. The Life of my TV. Wordpress.com. Todayifoundout.com. The casing for my tv is made of plastic. Some is recycled and some is not. Largely it is oil that is consumed in the making of this plastic. Gurumia.com.

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6 Degrees of Oil


The Life of my TV



The casing for my tv is made of plastic. Some is recycled and some is not.

Zmescience.com television.

az4x4campingclub.org television.

There are a lot of resources consumed in the mining of minerals such as quartz.

Mepl.nu.in television.

The wires inside of my television are made from various metals such as copper.

67pics.com television.

The manufacturing of my television demands a lot of resources. Consider what it takes to transport the finished product.

Gurumia.com television.

Oil is often found at the root of a lot of manufacturing. Why is this?

Bestbuy.com television.

What is required to run the business that sell my product?

Inhabitat.com television.

Energy is consumed at great rates everywhere, everyday.

Dreamstime.com television.

The manufacturing of any product, is big business.

Americanprogress.org television.

All of this just to eventually end up here.