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“Ensure that the impact on our global and local environment is addressed in every significant decision made by the Council and its partners … [and] … Work with partners to ensure that small and medium sized local businesses are supported and encouraged to grow and succeed.” Liberal Democrat Election Manifesto (2008)

Sheffield Eco Business Program

Wider picture

Wider Picture

City, Sub Region, Regional and national


  • Universities

    • Hallam and University of Sheffield plus colleges and national centres of excellence

  • Sheffield First

    • Communication, Climate Change, Transport etc

  • Sheffield Is My Plant

    • Business referrals

  • Local Practitioners

    • GBSO, SYGBC, Academics, IOD, BNI, CRS Consortium and others

  • Green City tag

    • Tourism possibilities

South yorkshire
South Yorkshire

  • South Yorkshire Green Business Club

    • Based at Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

  • Chambers

    • Sheffield, Doncaster and Rotherham and Barnsley Chamber

  • Why Waste

    • Co-Ordinated by the BEC in South Yorkshire

  • European Funding

    • Beta Tech on our doorstep plus LEGI (BIG) and ERDF

Yorkshire and humberside
Yorkshire and Humberside

  • Green Business Support Organisation

    • Regional pool of environmental practitioners linked to business link

  • White Rose Consortium

    • Network of Y&H academic institutions working locally, nationally and internationally

  • Resource Efficiency Yorkshire

    • Contract management – Why Waste, SYGBC, GBSO plus other suitable programs

  • Future Energy Yorkshire

    • New energy programs and initiatives suitable for some businesses

  • Carbon Action Yorkshire

    • New initiatives and programmes suitable for some businesses

  • Why Waste

    • Regional network facilitating waste exchange and reuse

  • Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS)

    • Regional support for manufacturing business addressing resource efficiency


  • Beta Tech

    • National support agency for LIFE+ and FP7 funding

  • British Chamber of Commerce

    • Calls for research and communication assistance

  • Envirowise

    • National network with best practice guides and workplans plus telephone assistance

  • Carbon Trust

    • Carbon trading initiatives, energy reduction and finances where appropriate

  • NISP

    • National Industrial Symbiosis Program linkages

Seb structure

SEB Structure

System, delivery and referrals

Sheffield eco business
Sheffield Eco Business

  • Simple, accessible, city wide environmental management broker

  • Business Support Simplification Programme

  • Contribute towards a greener, cleaner city

  • Recognition of existing achievements and relationships

  • Open to all business of all size, sector or environmental credentials

  • Maximising existing networks, programs of support and opportunities

Bs 8555 environmental management system
BS 8555 Environmental Management System

  • National, auditable system with establishing online resources

  • Modular, progressive system to expand upon

  • Easy to apply retrospectively

Supply and demand
Supply and Demand

  • Consortium delivery ensuring capacity

    • Local businesses meeting local demand

  • Mentoring for those who want to expand on ISO 14001

    • Offering a route for continuous environmental improvement

  • Peer Review to ensure quality and consistency

    • An agreement from practitioners to review work via desktop review

  • Reduced rate rather than subsidies

    • Remove restrictive funding requirements and sector focus

  • Policy change to increase demand

    • Change purchasing contracts to reward environmental achievement rather than simple cost

Sheffield is my planet
Sheffield Is My Planet

  • Webpage

    • Extension from SIMP website with unique branding but familiar layout including reference to additional support agencies

  • Brand

    • Simple, recognisable brand to be used in correspondence and award

  • Referral

    • Simple lines of communication with SIMP in terms of business referrals and ‘idea’s

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Business case for participation

External pressure
External Pressure

  • Supply chain intervention

    • External pressure from both existing or new customers for environmental credentials

  • Legislation

    • New or amendment to waste legislation, carbon trading or changes to processes

  • Regulatory

    • Both enforcement and general advice from regulators and enforcers

Cost savings
Cost Savings

  • Increased utilities

    • Increase in transport, electricity, gas and water costs

  • Increase waste costs

    • Increase in disposal costs

  • Legislative implications

    • Pre-treatment or registration of waste types


  • Increased marketing potential

    • Use of Acorn badge for fully accredited systems and achievements

  • Sheffield Green Business Guide

    • Recognition by the local authority in published guides, lists or marketing material

  • National Accreditation

    • Ideal system to repeat else where outside of Sheffield

Next steps

Next steps

Time frame, implementation and benchmarks

Introduction 4137293


  • Initial Recruitment

    • Use consortium, established contacts and recommended clients to form initial recruitments to test the system

  • Case Studies

    • Use experiences to form case, review and develop structure

  • Press coverage and launch

    • Go live in 2009!

Introduction 4137293

Contact Details

Sheffield Eco Business Program

07870 586674