what is rangeland management l.
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What is Rangeland Management?

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What is Rangeland Management? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Rangeland Management?. Objectives. Define rangeland management Discuss principles of rangeland management Identify and discuss tools of rangeland management . What is rangeland management?.

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  • Define rangeland management
  • Discuss principles of rangeland management
  • Identify and discuss tools of rangeland management
what is rangeland management3
What is rangeland management?
  • The careful use and management of rangeland resources (plants, animals, soil, and water) to meet the needs and desires of society
range management concepts
Range Management Concepts
  • Rangeland is a renewable resource
  • Energy from the sun can be captured by plants and used by animals
  • Rangelands supply food and fiber to humans at low energy costs
range management concepts5
Range Management Concepts
  • Rangeland productivity is determined by soil, topographic, and climate characteristics
  • Rangelands produce a variety of “products”
  • Rangeland must be managed to maintain soil and water quality
who owns rangeland
Who owns rangeland?
  • In Idaho, 66% of all rangeland is “Public Land”
  • “Public Land” is owned and managed by federal and state governments
    • Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
    • U.S. Forest Service
    • Idaho Department of Lands
tools of rangeland management
Tools of Rangeland Management
  • Fences
  • Number of livestock
  • Species of livestock
  • Weed control
  • Fire
grazing on rangeland
Grazing on Rangeland
  • Grazing on private lands in integrated with “public land”
    • Livestock grazing occurs on:
      • 95% of BLM lands
      • 58% of U.S. Forest Service lands
    • 88% of all beef cows in Idaho graze at least part of each year on BLM or U.S. Forest Service lands
are all rangelands grazed
Are all rangelands grazed?
  • Grazing is an important ecological process in all rangeland, but not all rangeland are grazed by livestock