operating and maintenance of generator n.
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Operating and maintenance of generator PowerPoint Presentation
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Operating and maintenance of generator

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Operating and maintenance of generator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Operating and maintenance of generator

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  1. Operating and maintenance of generator

  2. Operating Generator • If it is manually operated generator, whenever power goes off, before starting the generator, keep the change over in ‘0’ position. • Then manually switch on the generator. • Leave the generator for few seconds to withstand the rated voltage. • Change over to the generator supply. • In generator room, first Aid box and fire extinguisher and sand container should be available. • A safety chart should be displayed. • Operator should wear shockproof glouse • Periodical earthing /maintenance is required.

  3. Automatic Generator • For automatic generator, it will switch on automatically with the help of contactor. • Periodical maintenance is required for contactor and the timer. • Fuel level should be maintained.

  4. Maintenance Routine General Inspection During the running of the diesel generator, few parts have to be monitored for safety. It includes the exhaust system, fuel system, DC electrical system and engine. Any leaks in fuel tank or pipes, if present, must be fixed immediately to prevent any hazardous occurrences.

  5. Maintenance Lubrication Service • The engine oil must be checked while shutting down the generator at regular intervals. The oil and filter must also be changed at the recommended time intervals. The disposal is also to be done appropriately so as to prevent any environmental hazards. • Periodical B check is to be got done.

  6. Maintenance Cooling System • The coolant levels must be regularly checked. After shutting down the engine, leave for half an hour. • Remove the radiator cap for the engine to cool down. The exterior of the coolant must be inspected for any kind of obstruction, dirt or grime

  7. Maintenance Fuel System The fuel in the diesel generator is best used up within a year; before it starts degrading or getting contaminated. The fuel filter is also to be drained at frequent intervals to allow the water vapour and accumulated dust to be drained off from the reservoir.

  8. Maintenance Testing Batteries • The battery must be kept fully charged and well-maintained to avoid deterioration. Regular testing and inspection is essential to know the current status of the battery and avoid any start-up problems of the diesel generator. They must also be cleaned; and the specific gravity and electrolyte levels of the battery checked often. • If it is maintenance battery, regular check of the distilled water to be checked.

  9. Maintenance OutineEngine Exercise • The engine parts may be under intense stress owing to the load. Routine exercise is necessary to keep them lubricated, preventing the oxidation of the electrical parts as well as use of the fuel without letting it deteriorate. On the whole, the engine exercise ensures prompt starting of the engine without any hitches. • Proper preventive maintenance tips help to keep the engine working efficiently for longer times and cut down costs on the running or repairs of the equipment. It is thus mandatory to utilize the diesel generator as a reliable standby power supply source. • If any additional connections are to fixed to existing the generator capacity, it should be ensured that the load capacity should not be more than 80% of the generator capacity. • Keep the details of AMC holder with you to contact in case of emergency or operational failure

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