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GOES-R Program Calibration and Validation

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GOES-R Program Calibration and Validation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GOES-R Program Calibration and Validation. Calibration – Processes to transform raw GOES-R instrument data into L1b measurements … the fundamental building blocks for all L2+ products.

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GOES-R Program Calibration and Validation
  • Calibration– Processes to transform raw GOES-R instrument data into L1b measurements … the fundamental building blocks for all L2+ products.

Robert A. Iacovazzi, Jr.* (1), Edward C. Grigsby (1), Steve Goodman (2), ChangyongCao (3), Jaime Daniels (3), and Kathleen McIntyre (1)

  • Validation- Provides user confidence that GOES-R data can be used for their intended purpose, e.g., weather forecasting or numerical weather prediction.


[email protected] Address - NASA GSFC, Code 410.0, 8800 Greenbelt Rd, Greenbelt, MD 20771



Laboratory InstrumentCalibration (Cal)

  • Verify instrumentcal and product requirements are satisfied
  • Determine values of semi-static L1b algorithm input parameters
  • Ensure instrument performance is well understood and documented

Key L1b Algorithm Quality Assurance

  • Evaluate L1b algorithm completeness
  • Identify, track, and resolve L1b algorithm issues
  • Assess Ground Segment vendor L1b algorithm implementation
  • Develop instrument calibration data and product metadata definitions

Post-Launch Testing (PLT) Cal/Val

  • Validate that instrumentcal and product performance supports a system that meets its intended purpose in its intended environment as outline in the GOES-R Concept of Operations
  • Resolve instrument caland product performance anomalies to the degree possible as they arise
  • Create a “state-of-the-cal” snapshot for long-term instrument/product performance trending

Instr. Vendor L1b Dev

  • L1b Alg and Test Data and RFA Responses

RFA & RFA Responses

Instrument manufacturers design and perform cal tests, and this table lists cal-related ABI testing carried out by Exelis.

Gov’t Instr Manager

GOES-R observatory on-orbit cal/val assets

  • L1b Alg and Test Data and RFA Responses

L1b Tiger Team Meetings

  • Government Validation of Vendor Cal Testing
  • GOES-R Flight Project and Calibration Working Group (CWG)
  • Give feedback regarding vendor cal test plans and readiness
  • Analyze vendor cal test reports for fidelity
  • US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
    • Support design of Système international d'unités (SI) traceable calibrations of ABI and EXIS
    • Establish SI-traceability to primary standards through NIST supported testing
    • Independently validate mission-critical component performance, e.g., SRF
    • Review vendor cal plans and test setups to ensure they meet NIST best practices


L1b Alg Reviews and RFA

  • L1b Alg and Test Data and RFA Responses

Gov’t CWG/FlightL1bValidaton

Ch. 2

Ch. 3

Ch. 4

Ch. 5

GOES-13 Hemispheric Image Tiles

Product quality evaluation

Determine and Correct Scan-Angle DependentRadiance (e.g., Beaucomet al., Proceedings of SPIE, 1999)

Gov’t GS Manager

Instrument Noise, Blackbody Temp and Cal Slope Monitoring

  • L1b Alg and Test Data and RFA Responses

GOES-10 Ch. 4A

Before (left) and after (right) Government-Vendor reconciliation of scan mirror reflectance value used in ABI test data analysis.

RFA & RFA Responses

GS Vendor L1b Implem

L1b algorithm implementation process (RFA – Request for Action)

On-board calibration system evaluation

GOES-13 eclipse season stray light before fix (left) and after fix (right)

(Courtesy of J. Paul Douglas, OSPO)

L1b Tiger Team MandateProactively identify and mitigate risks associated with implementing L1b algorithms

Example comparison between GOES-R CWG and Vendor cal test analyses: Ratio of CWG to Exelis cal coefficients for ABI reflective channels.

On-orbit calibration and L1b anomaly resolution