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GO GREEN WITH GROOVES. Eco Friendly Technology. Applicable To Existing Petrol & Diesel Engines. By Somender Singh. Achieved by Improving Turbulence In Combustion Chambers US Patent 6237579 More info @

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Eco Friendly Technology

Applicable To Existing Petrol & Diesel Engines

By Somender Singh


Achieved by Improving Turbulence In Combustion Chambers

US Patent 6237579

More info @

This ECO Friendly design is the outcome of 35 + years of self funded research going into refining Racing & Rallying engines
  • Design Objectives:
    • To Burn the fuel more efficiently and complete inside the cylinder.
    • Achieve lower Emission levels and Soot out of in-cylinder combustion.
    • Enhance Fuel Efficiency along with pronounced Torque through a broader usable power band in today’s “ day to day ” traffic.
  • Achievements after Grooving :
    • Significant lower Emissions of NOx and CO.
    • Increase in usable torque delivery with enhanced fuel efficiency up to
    • 20 %. Lower CO2 Per Km due to the lesser fuel inputs producing the same amount of torque if not better.
distinct changes noticed after design implant in standard engines
Distinct changes noticed after design implant in standard engines…
  • Smoother and quieter engine operations with significant reduction in engine noise levels and induction roar.
  • Broader Torque band makes easy driving through traffic : Increased low-end TORQUE helps reduce frequent gear changes in city driving mode.
  • Extended Engine Life : As engines run at lower temperature resulting in extended life of Engine components and the intervals between overhauls.
  • Extended intervals between oil changes due to the cooler running : Offers lower maintenance costs.
  • Enhanced high end performance on Highway driving mode is possible due to the stronger and broader torque band.
  • Catalytic converters last longer and work far more efficiently from cold starts.
  • Quick cold “ start ups ” are possible with better throttle response in colder climates.
simple to implement and manage
Simple to Implement and Manage
  • One time Design change to existing Combustion chambers.
  • No changes are required to any components or any sort of expensive Engine
  • re-designs or complex tooling for implementation.
  • Can be easily implemented on any Petrol, Diesel, CNG and LPG engines.
  • Successfully tested on various types of engines with very positive results from happy customers.
  • No Repeat or additional maintenance is required other than normal service and periodical maintenance at any service station.
  • Far lower carbon deposits and sludge formation in the oils and internals of engines.
why the global automobile industry needs to evaluate this green technology
Why the Global Automobile Industry needs to evaluate this GREEN Technology :
  • Simple solutions for IMPROVED fuel efficiency without compromising on performance and drivability
  • Significant contribution to the ECO system due to lower emissions and lower heat generation out of combustion.
  • Significant reductions in CO2 per Km and hourly based operations.
  • Applicable to Spark Ignition and Compression Ignition Engines alike with little design changes.
  • Offers solutions to achieve reduced emissions and improve fuel efficiency in present day Hi Tech Engine designs also.
  • Meeting stringent emissions and CO2 requirements of the future earning carbon credit.
  • The availability of a “ Protected Technology” having the Key to solve the present scenario faced by the Global Automobile Industry.
  • There is no known technology inside combustion chambers that helps “Air and Fuel” to burn more complete and efficiently after one single design change to existing engines.