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  1. Introduction

  2. Vission & Mission • Define a clear vision and mission • Vision To be the best cricket team in the world • Mission To produce quality players and meet the current and future challenges of international cricket.

  3. Objective of this Presentation Analyses the current situation of the Sri Lanka Cricket and provide strategies and recommendation for the success of next three years Let’s Go for SWOT!

  4. Strengths • High Reputation towards Sri Lankan cricket team • Positive perception towards Cricket • Diversification as men and women teams • High Skills recourses like LasithMalinga, Kumar Sanga • Ownership of Standard Cricket grounds

  5. Weaknesses • No clear vision and strategy that is universally understood • Weak financial position and due that lack of operational and strategic plans • Instability and Inefficient administration • Limited capacity/capabilities/competencies (process and people) and staff not powered to run the operations • .The high performance training facilities are not up to the expected international standards

  6. Opportunities • Positive trend for women cricket • Good trend, motivated domestic young players • Large no of Cricket Fans • Growth of Tourism and positive attitudes of Sri Lankans provide a good opportunity for having international tournaments like SLPL

  7. Threats • Political influences • Negative impact of financial issues • Competition among playing countries

  8. Recommended Strategy • Put fans first • Produce the best teams, players and officials in the world • Increase participation sustainability • Provide world class leadership and management • Grow investment in the game

  9. Put fans first • Increase the number of attendees 10 % • Do a research on fan's needs and try to implement • First -Maximize Sri Lankan passion for cricket, specially emphasize on test cricket • Encourage for test matches

  10. Produce the best teams, players and officials in the world • high performance cricket program : coaching and skill development, personal development and player welfare • Create a highly competitive team • SLC needs to develop suitable high performance and indoor facilities and should • Explore accessing support from the ICC’s Targeted Assistance Performance programme • Invest on proper trainers

  11. Increase participation sustainability • Work with clubs schools, educational authorities to promote participation actively from the diverse population, to  • Clear and urgent dialogue to restructure the domestic cricket setup is required to • Ensure the future system is optimal, equitable and supported so that it presents the • Best opportunity for talent to develop to its full potential. Designing healthy • Competition structures for the better players to filter to the top is essential. • Increasing the number of domestic tournaments

  12. Provide world class leadership and management • Higher level of staff satisfaction • Ensure first class governance and management of SLC • Review with the relevant authorities to review Laws that create potential for Government interference. • Undertake a comprehensive redraft of the SLC Constitution and install a new • Governance model (which includes a Board of Directors with relevant expertise and independence) so that SLC is fit for purpose in the 21st century. • The Exco/Board should focus on policy and strategic matters and the professional • Administration should be empowered to implement operational and management matters and be accountable to the Exco/Board. • Appoint correct person to positions

  13. Grow investment in the game • Increase the advertisement • Maximize  total value from sponsorship,  • Proper and detailed long term financial planning (e.g. 4-year budget cycles) and strict fiscal management to ensure financial stability and growth; • All current and future strategic and operational plans (including player payments) need careful review to ensure they are justifiable and focus on delivering the • vision and strategy; • Constructive engagement with the Minister is necessary to amend the Sports Law so as to comply with international norm and the new regulations of the ICC. • Go for long-term ‘soft’ loans with low interest rates

  14. Recommendations…… Administration • Develop a clear and well understood vision and strategy for cricket in Sri Lanka. • Provide world-class leadership and management and unify Sri Lankan Cricket • Appoint correct person to positions