food delivery and takeout tips during coronavirus n.
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Food Delivery And Takeout Tips During Coronavirus Pandemic PowerPoint Presentation
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Food Delivery And Takeout Tips During Coronavirus Pandemic

Food Delivery And Takeout Tips During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Food Delivery And Takeout Tips During Coronavirus Pandemic

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  1. Food Delivery And Takeout Tips During Coronavirus Pandemic With over 330 thousand confirmed coronavirus cases in the US, it’s understandable why more than half of the US states have implemented lockdowns to keep the pandemic under control. Fortunately, restaurants in some of these states are still operating with restrictions. So, you can order delivery or takeout orders from ​restaurants in Fort Lee NJ and lighten your mood during tough times with your favorite meals. But while delivery and takeout are safer than dine-ins, you need to take some precautions to protect yourself.

  2. Food Delivery & Takeout Tips For COVID-19 Pandemic Don’t Touch Your Face Experts advise against touching the face, particularly the eyes, nose and mouth, to prevent transmission of COVID-19 because you may either transfer the germs from your hands to these areas or from these areas to your hands. Ask For Contactless Delivery Avoiding contact as much as possible is important to prevent the transmission of the disease. That’s why many restaurants in Fort Lee NJ use contactless delivery methods. This usually involves leaving the food at the doorstep and stepping back six feet from it or texting you before leaving the food there. Ask the restaurant about their delivery method when you place your orders. Maintain Social Distance When going for takeout, maintain a distance of six feet (2 meters) from everyone at the restaurant. Do not crowd at the counter, wait for your turn to place your order. Some outlets may accept only drive-thru orders instead of walk-in orders, so check that before going. Take Precautions When Sharing Meals If you are sharing your meals with someone you live with, then you don’t need to worry about sharing meals because you already share pathogens. If they are sick, then make sure that whoever is taking care of them sends their share to their room. Do not invite guests for get togethers, place orders to their homes and celebrate through video conference. Discard Packaging Once you receive your ​food in Fort Lee NJ and bring it home, you need to discard the packaging and store the food in a clean utensil. You should wash your hands before cleaning the utensils and after transferring your meal to it. You can throw the packaging in the trash bin or the recycling bin.

  3. Use Your Utensils Do not bring disposable utensils from the outlet because they may have germs on the surface. Use your utensils to prevent transmission of the disease. Clean them thoroughly before starting your meal. Wash/Sanitize Your Hands Properly Rinsing your hands with water for a few seconds is not enough to kill the virus. You need to wash it with soap to dissolve the layer around it and destroy its insides before you have your food in Fort Lee NJ. You can use any soap but you need to wash for twenty seconds before rinsing the soap to give it enough time to kill the virus. An alcohol-based sanitizer needs ten seconds to work. You need to wash your hands from the wrists to the fingertips. Make sure to get the areas under your nails and between your fingers. Pay Online Or Through Mobile While cash and cards are not proven methods of transmitting the disease, it doesn’t hurt to take precautions by avoiding as much contact as possible. When ordering takeouts, make QR code payments. When ordering delivery, pay online. Wash/Sanitize Your Hands Often As of now, washing/sanitizing your hands is your best defense against coronavirus. If you are going for takeout, you should carry your sanitizer with you and sanitize yourself before and after entering a ​restaurant in Fort ​Lee NJ​. You should also sanitize your hands after paying in cash or card. At home, wash your hands after unpacking the food, before washing utensils, before the meal and after it. Tip Generously Many restaurant employees still depend on tips to make their ends meet. In this crisis, where restaurant staff is taking risks to serve you, it’s only fair to help them out as well. Contact Us At: Contact Name : ​Chillers Grill Address : ​2191 Fletcher Ave, Fort Lee, NJ, 07024  Business Id :​​ 

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