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Sketch up PowerPoint Presentation. o. z. By Sarah Heslin. Music Classrooms and Teaching Spaces: These are used for teachers and children. They can be used for music practical and music theory. Below is the bathroom from different angles. The bathroom is quite elegant . Chill Room….

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Sketch up PowerPoint




By Sarah Heslin

Music Classrooms and Teaching Spaces:

These are used for teachers and children. They can be used for music practical and music theory.

Thanks so much for watching and I hope it didn’t bore you!!! BYE!!

On the next page is my TASC wheel!!

TASC Wheel - Designing Dio's new Performing Arts Centre using Google Sketchup.


  • What do I know about the topic?
  • Since that we are designing a Performing Arts Centre, I looked back to see if I had been to any other Performing Arts Centres. I hadn’t, but I had been to the town hall. The town hall is old, but that has been incorporated into the design. I also have experience with Google Sketchup as we practiced for about 2 weeks to make sure that we knew exactly what to do.
  • Have I encountered anything like this before?
  • I have never seen another Performing Arts Centre but I did go onto the sites that my teacher provided and managed to find quite a few well designed Performing Art Centres.
  • What questions can I ask to help me understand is what required?
  • What main ideas does a Performing Arts Centre need?
  • What shape and size would benefit the Performing Arts Centre?
  • What kind of techniques are going to be used during Sketchup?
  • What skills and knowledge will I be using?
  • I will be using my knowledge of Sketchup, my skills on Sketchup and some general common sense towards what size, shape and budget my Performing Arts Centre will have.

What am I trying to do? What are my goals?

I am trying to design and 3D make a Google Sketchup influenced Performing Arts Centre for Diocesan School for Girls. My goals are to complete the task on time, and finish the Google Sketchup design using all of the skills that I have learnt over the past couple of weeks.

What do I need in order to do this?

I need to understand my deadline correctly so that I have a plan to what different things I do every lesson.

Explain the task in your own words:

We have to design a Performing Arts Centre for Diocesan School for Girls, as well as put it onto a presentation, while throughout the whole process using Google Sketchup.

What are the obstacles?

Maybe the obstacles would be whether or not I completed the task in the right amount of time? Also I might have a bit of difficulty using Google Sketchup because it is so slow on my laptop.

Can I draw a diagram that will help me to visualise my work?


How will I know that I have completed the task?

I will have all projects completed and would have put all of them onto wikispace.


Is there another way to do this?

No I have to use Sketchup.

What resources (books, websites, etc) have I been provided with?

My teacher has sent us heaps of links for YouTube etc that would help us with tutorials etc.

What do other people think about this?

Everybody in my class has to do the same thing so I guess we all think the same thing.


Which is the best idea?

The best idea of mine was to have the Performing Arts Centre next to the field and the senior common rooms.

Explain your reasons for the decision. What the arguments for and against each idea?

It was the only place that I would be able to fit the whole Performing Arts Centre in. The idea is good except for the fact that you would have to clear away the rose garden but the good thing would be that we are getting rid of the old music block.

Which idea is the best one for completing the task?

My first one that I just explained.

What is my plan?

My plan is to have it in kind of an L shape squeezed around the field, science block and comms, and have different kinds of rooms in it like classrooms and dance rooms and of course the actual auditorium.


Let's do it!

Am I making progress through the plan?

I think I am, I have made about 2 of the rooms I planned so I am going to schedule as I of which I am quite pleased.

Am I doing this correctly?

I personally think I am, but I am doing it differently than everybody else.

Do I need to revise my plan? As you continue, you may discover facts that require changing the plan.

No, I didn’t need to.


How well did I do?

Did I complete the task as set originally set out? Did I solve the problem?

Yes I think I completed the task well even though I sectioned the rooms out and did them individually.

What have I done?

I have taken the basic needs of a Performing Arts Centre and separately made rooms for those needs.

What have I done really well?

I like the colours and the furniture I have chosen.

Could I have done it better? What areas need improvement?

I think I would have liked to have worked more on creating the room better than just a square.

Am I ready to communicate my ideas or show/display my work to others?



Let's tell someone!

Who can I tell? Who is my audience?

My audience is my class and my teacher Mrs Yeo.

What is the best way to present this to my audience?

I am presenting it in a PowerPoint presentation which I am uploading to my wikispace page.

What should I say to ensure my audience understands?

I am explaining the process of what I did and am adding a caption over the rooms that I have done.

How do I interest my audience in my ideas?

I have added bright colours and what they would be used for.

Do I have the right information to get my message across to my audience?

I think I do.

Learn from experience

What have I learned?

I have learnt about skecthup and its uses and how HARD it is to use!!

How would I do this again? What would I change to improve my performance?

Next time I would make the building in one whole thing not in individual parts.

How have I improved since that last time I worked on a similar task?

I have improved because it was an individual task this time and I work better by myself.

What knowledge have I learned?

I have learnt all about sketchup and about how to present my work.

Can this knowledge be used elsewhere?

Probably not.

How has my thinking changed as a result of this work?

I have thought a lot in this project and it has made me think of what a job it would be to be an architect!

What skills have I learned and developed?

I have developed the skill more and more over the past year but especially in this project with my laptop and getting used to all of its features.

Can these skills be applied to other subjects/activities?

I reckon that the architectural point of view could help in art.

What problems did I have to solve?

I solved the problem of what kind of Performing Arts Centre should I have?

How did I use the strengths of others to help me?

My friends helped a lot because sketchup wasn’t my strong point. My friend Ellie especially helped me.