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Devon Audit Partnership

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Devon Audit Partnership. Audit and FMSiS Update. When is the deadline for achievement ? 31 st March 2010 & that requires the LA to be aware of and able to agree this ! Whose responsibility is it ? Who is in the driving seat ?. What are they doing to meet the FMSiS ?.

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devon audit partnership

Devon Audit Partnership

Audit and FMSiS Update

fmsis moving forwards
When is the deadline for achievement ?

31st March 2010 & that requires the LA to be aware of and able to agree this !

Whose responsibility is it ?

Who is in the driving seat ?

What are they doing to meet the FMSiS ?

FMSiS – Moving Forwards

The Governors & Headteacher

fmsis moving forwards3
FMSiS – Moving Forwards
  • What are you doing ?
  • Who has it planned for :
    • This week ?
    • This month ?
    • This Term ?
  • Where can you get help?

Audit Website & Team & Finance Officer

fmsis primary position
FMSiS – Primary Position

Still not Started FMSiS

Over 55% of these schools are nearly there but are not doing anything !

fmsis common problems
FMSiS - Common Problems
  • Governance – not well evidenced
  • Governors competencies – are they known ?
  • Benchmarking – not done & not challenging
  • School Development Plan is not costed properly & is not shown fully in the budget
  • Statement of Internal Control – not done properly
fmsis governance
FMSiS - Governance
  • Are the key items in FMSiS approved by governors ?
  • Ensure there is a good cyclic plan of governor business.
  • Ensure the minutes record key approvals e.g. budget, SDP, procurement, policy
  • Utilise the cyclic plan, house keeping checklist and calendar of mtgs to ensure all business is completed
fmsis competencies
FMSiS – Competencies
  • You need to be clear where your skills lie in the school
  • Complete the competencies matrices for:
    • Staff FMSiS – R11
    • Governors FMSiS – R20
  • Identify what training needs are identified
  • Set a plan to meet these needs
fmsis benchmarking
FMSiS - Benchmarking
  • Sign on to the benchmarking website, choose statistical neighbours, select your schools parameters & view the charts
  • Highlight the problem areas to governors
  • Ask governors to identify any other areas of concern to check in the benchmarking
  • Agree an action plan to make some improvements !
fmsis sdp
  • If the SDP is not costed & these costs not evident in the budget you will fail FMSiS !
  • Use the tools available:
    • Financial summary on the Audit Website
    • SDP memorandum column in the 3 yr budget plan
  • Make sure the budget shows where the SDP is being spent !
fmsis sic
  • The Statement of Internal Control is available on the FMSiS website.
  • It is not sufficient to print it & sign it !
    • You must amend it to reflect the school i.e. all the bits that are highlighted at least
    • Record in para 4 any key elements from your last audit report not yet addressed
    • Record in para 4 if you have not set up a risk assessment / register
    • Record in para 5 what you are going to do this year to correct these things
  • You must complete a SIC each year !
    • May is the best time for the previous year
fmsis the consequences of non achievement
FMSiS – the consequences of non-achievement
  • Reduced Ofsted report
    • Section A of the SEF Leadership & Management is supported by FMSiS
    • Section C of the SEF (Statutory Requirements) includes FMSiS
  • FIPS consider the schools achievement of FMSiS in their decisions for support
  • Increased cost of audit from delay in concluding recommendations for accreditation
fmsis solutions
FMSiS - Solutions
  • Model answers to the self-assessment on the Audit website with other support
  • Key timelines (on audit website) will help set your time plan
  • Put this information in front of your governors
  • Support available from Finance & Audit staff
devon audit partnership14
Devon Audit Partnership
  • New partnership from 1 April 09
  • Joined services with Torbay & Plymouth
  • All staff trained in the school audit programme
  • Service the same as provided previously, just with a few different names
  • Confidentiality is retained through professional code of conduct and secure files
audit team
Devon Office

David Curnow

Alexis Saffin

Claire Moore

Amy Melluish

Plymouth Office

Tony Rose

Gary Sprately

Torbay Office

Chloe Tompkins

Audit Team
new audit programme
New Audit Programme
  • Following very much from our previous school self-assessment
  • Incorporates some new areas from other authorities
    • risk assessments for H&S, Fire
    • contracts
  • Extends some existing areas e.g. safeguarding, personnel appointments & pay
new ways of working
New Ways of Working
  • We will follow-on with the approach that you will all be familiar with
  • We will extend the use of electronic communications & information gathering with the school
    • booking letter and report
    • copies of policies, minutes, SIMS extracts
  • We will not extend the amount of information we request
new ways of working18
New Ways of Working
  • FMSiS and systems self-assessments will be reviewed electronically and responded to electronically
  • Laptop based audit test programme
  • Digital camera for copying sample documents
benefits of new approach
Benefits of new approach
  • Increased efficiency of audit improving the review
  • Improved sharing of audit findings
  • Reduction in cost of copying and staff time for the school
  • Contribution to the authority’s corporate “green goals”
dap final thought
DAP - Final Thought
  • FMSiS – who is going to challenge their Headteacher & Governors to achieve FMSiS ?
  • Safeguarding - have you got a complete and up to date “single central record” of checks (with supporting evidence) to prove that all staff, supply, agency, governors, volunteers and contractors are safe to work with your children ?
    • You will immediately be “of concern” at inspection if not !