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猜测词义 读懂文章 Guess and Gain PowerPoint Presentation
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猜测词义 读懂文章 Guess and Gain

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猜测词义 读懂文章 Guess and Gain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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猜测词义 读懂文章 Guess and Gain. 由纲要. Let ’ s discuss. How do you deal with the unfamiliar words or phrases while reading?. Ignore them and continue reading. Look up them in the dictionary. Guess the meaning . (in what way?). Let ’ s play a game. Guess the missing words.

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猜测词义 读懂文章

Guess and Gain



Let’s discuss

How do you deal with the unfamiliar words or phrases while reading?

  • Ignore them and continue reading
  • Look up them in the dictionary
  • Guess the meaning

(in what way?)


Let’s play a game

Guess the missing words

  • I removed the ______ from the shelf.
  • He would ______ the gold from his grandma and not feel guilty.
  • 3. Unlike his brother, Hobart is quite______.
  • 4. Tom got a new ______ for his birthday.

Guess the missing words once more

  • I removed the ______ from the shelf and began to read.
  • 2. Harvey is a thief: he would ______ the gold from his grandma and not feel guilty.
  • 3. Unlike his brother, who is truly a handsome person, Hobart is quite ______.
  • 4. Tom got a new ______ for his birthday. It is a sports model, red, with white interior and two air bags.

Let’s have a try

Guess the meaning of the

following words:









Let’s put them into certain contexts

  • We watched as the cat came quietly
  • through the grass toward the bird.
  • When it was just feet from the victim(猎物), it gathered its legs under itself , and pounced.

To attack suddenly

To spring with intent to seize …


2. In spite of the fact that the beautiful

egret is in danger of dying out completely,

many clothing manufactures still offer

handsome prices for their long, elegant

tail feathers, which are used as

decorations on ladies hats.

A kind of bird (白鹭)


3. The man thought that the children were

defenseless, so he walked boldly up to

the oldest and demanded money. Imagine

his surprise when they began to pelt him

with rocks.

To strike repeatedly

To cast, hurl, or throw


4. Experts in kinesics, in their study of body motion as related to speech, hopes to discover new methods of communication.

The study body movements, such as

gestures and facial expressions


5. Unlike her gregarious sister, Jane is a shy, unsociable person who does not like to go to parties or make new friends.



6. After a day of hunting, Harold is ravenous, Yesterday, for example, he ate two bowls of soup, salad, a large chicken, and a piece of chocolate cake before he was finally satisfied

Extremely hungry; Greedy


7. After the accident, the ship went down

so fast that we weren’t able to salvage

any of our personal belongings.

torescue or save


Guess the meaning of the following words








Word analysis (prefix/suffix)









mal-表示“坏,恶”(亦作male) malcontent不满的malpractice不法行为malnutrition营养不良malediction诅咒


  • Try to guess the following words meaning:
  • malfunction
  • malformed


.paeudo-表示“假,伪” pseudo 假的,虚伪的 pseudonym 假名,笔名

pseudoscience 伪科学



fore-表示"前面,预先" forefather前人,祖先forecast预料

  • Let’s have a try:
  • forefoot
  • foresee
  • fortell
  • forehead


表示“在后面” postwar战后的postpone推迟postgraduate大学毕业后的



①表示“前面的,前任的” ex-wife前妻


②表示“出,出去” exclude排外




by-表示“在旁边,副的” byproduct副产品




Examples in the NMET

  • Mark Twain was not the author’s real name; it was a pseudonym.

a pen name.


2. Hugo Critchley further explained, “Our bodies synchronies and when we like the other person, we ever copy his behavior.

66. The underlined word “synchronies” in Paragraph 4 means “_____”.

A. move slowly B. change rapidly

C. relax temporarily D. respond accordingly



Ottawa has given out special passes to some 300 US citizens in that area so they can enter the country when Canadian customs stations are closed, but the US stopped a similar program last May. That forces the people to a 200-miledetouralong high hilly roads to get home through another border checkpoint.(2005全国 I)

  • A drive through the town
  • A race across the field
  • A roundabout way of traveling
  • A journey in the mountain area.

To improve our guessing ability, we can :

  • Using context clues:
  • Using word analysis:

Using context clues:

  • Using synonym Context Clues (同义)
  • Using Antonym Context Clues(反义)
  • Use definition/ example/description
  • Use related information
  • Use grammar and punctuation clues

Using synonym Context Clues

1. The football player was penalized for unnecessary roughness and the punishment was a good lesson for him.


2. He replied quickly, but after he considered the problem more carefully, he regretted having made such a hasty decision.

Rapid; quick


3. The game Americans call soccer is known around the world as football.

American football

4.... Tribes roamed all over, searching for food. This wandering life went on until some people discovered that they could plant seeds and raise crops...



Using Antonym Context Clues

1. Unlike his brother, who is a truly handsome man, John is quite homely.

Plain; not attractive or good-looking

2.He had been getting better but during the night his condition deteriorated.

Get worse


3. An east or north-east wind brings cold

dry weather to England, but a sou’wester

usually bring rain.

The wind from south west,

here it refers to the wind

from the Atlantic


4.A good teacher works in quite a different way. His audiencetake an active part in his play: they ask and answer questions, they obey orders, and if they don’t understand something, they say so.


B. people who watch a play

C. people who act on the stage

D. people who listen to something


5. Those new comers were not used to the life in the suburbs which was so different from that inside the city. B. capital

C. country D. house


6. Most women in Ghana ---the educated and illiterate, the urban and rural, the young and old--- work to earn an income in addition to maintaining their roles as housewives and mothers.

Having little or no formal education.


Using Definition

But sometimes,no rain falls for a long,long time. Then there is a dry period,or drought.

A long period of shortage of rainfall


Use description

1. Jim just hummed the tune of the song; he didn’t sing the words.

To produce a tune without opening the lips or

forming words.

2. Before long, many dinners stayed open around the clock. In other words, people were able to eat in a dinner at any time.(99NMET)

A place or stand where people can have a dinner


Use Related Information

1. He is a resolute man. Once he makes up his mind to do something, he won’t give it up halfway.

A.strong B. firm C. kind D. clever

2. In spite of the fact the fishermen were wearing sou’westers, the storm was so heavy that they were wet through.

A kind of raincoat


3. The official asked the man what his occupation was. The man told him that he worked as an engineer.

A.job B. study

C. name D. interest


4. “The Dave you saw on TV was the real Dave,” says friend Pat Williams, “He wasn’t a great actor or a great speaker. He was just Joe Everybody.”

A. Dave was famous B. Dave was ordinary

C. Dave was showy D. Dave was shy


Using causes and effects relations

With the help of conjunctions like:

because, as,since,for,so,thus,as a result,of course,therefore. etc.

You shouldn't have blamed him for that,for it wasn't his fault


1. “But,” said Kim, “ I feel that since you are my superior, it would be presumptuous of me to tell you what to do.”

  • Full of respect
  • B. too confident and rude
  • C. Lacking in experience
  • D. too shy and quiet
  • ( 2005 上海 B)

2. People react differently to visiting different cultures. People who are very important, like the leaders of a country, will be treated very carefully. Because they are pampered and petted, they may not become uncomfortable. Others may feel very uncomfortable and spend their time grousing to whomever will listen how unfriendly the natives are.

Pampered and petted :________________

Grouse: _______________

well treated



3. The plant is often pruned so that it remains only 60-90 centimeters high. Pruning is important because it encourages the growth of tender shoots, or young leaves. It is from these shoots that the best tea is got.

  • Regular cutting of the plants
  • Frequent watering
  • Regular use of chemicals
  • Growing the plants high in the mountain

(2005 江西 D)


4. Usually if restaurant food is poorly prepared, I don’t criticize the waiter. Instead, I reprimand the manager.

To scold severely, especially in a

formal or official way.


Use grammar and punctuation clues

1. You can take any of the periodicals: The World of English, Foreign Language Teaching in Schools, or English Learning.

A.dictionaries B. story-books

C. magazines D. newspapers


2. …… The largest player – Shanghai Bashi Tourism Car Center offers a wide variety of choices – deluxe sedans, minivans, station wagons, coaches. Santana sedans are the big favorite. …

The underlined words refer to _____

A. cars in the making B. car rental firms

C. cars for rent D. car makers


3. When I am served bad food, I assume a very serious manner and say to the manager gravely that I will not pay for the objectionable meal.

unpleasant; terrible; awful


4. Some people believe cigarette smoking is dangerous. They want governments to create antismoking programs. People differ as to how strong these antismoking campaigns should be. Some of strongest campaigns would try to completely eliminate cigarette smoking. Others would try only to restrict the number of places where people could smoke. Such restrictions would not try to eliminate public smoking completely, but only to curb smoking by reducing cigarette consumption.


Examples from 2008 NMET

Climbing attracts people because it’s good exercise for almost everyone. You use your whole body, especially your arms and legs. This sport gives your body a complete workout. When you climb, both your mind and your body can become stronger.

66. The word “workout” underlined in the last

paragraph most probably means _________

A. settlement B. exercise

C. excitement D. tiredness



Being able to multitask—doing several things at the same time—is considered a welcome skill by most people. But if we consider the situation of the young people aged from eight to eighteen, we should think again.

What we often see nowadays is that young people juggle an ever larger number of electronic devices(电子产品)as they study. While working, they also surf on the Internet, send out emails, answer the telephone and listen to music on their iPods.

64. What does the underlined word “juggle” in Paragraph

2 most probably mean?

A. Want to buy

B. Take the place of.

C. Use at the same time

D. Seek for information from. (08重庆.C)


For years we have been told that encouraging a child’s self-respect is important to his or her success is life. But child experts are now learning that too much praise can lead to the opposite effect. Praise-sholic kids who expect it at every turn may become teens who seek to same kind of approval from friends when asked if they want to go in the backseat of the car.

61. The underlined words “Praise-sholic kids” refers to kids who are ______.

A. tired of being praised B. worthy of being praised

C. very proud of being praised

D. extremely fond of being praised



Parents who find older children bullying younger brothers and sisters might do well to replace shouting and punishment by rewarding and giving more attention to the injured ones. It’s certainly much easier and more effective.

67. According to the passage, the underlined word “bullying” is closest in meaning to“_______”.

A. Helping B. punishing

C. Hurting D. protecting



One morning a few years ago, Harvard President Neil Rudenstine overslept. For this busy man, it was a sort of alarm: after years of non-stop hard work, he might wear himself out and die an early death.

73. The “alarm” in the first paragraph refers to “_______”.

A. a signal of stress B. a warning of danger

C. a sign of age D. a spread of disease



This nice tasting pineapple contained four times more vitamin C(维生素C) than the old green variety. Nutritionists said that it was not only full of vitamins, but also good against some diseases. People were understandably eager to be able to buy this wonderful fruit. The new type of pineapple was selling fast, and the Del Monte Gold pineapple rapidly became a fixture in the shopping basket of the healthy eater.

62. The underlined word “fixture” in Paragraph 3 probably refers to something _________.

A. that people enjoy eating B. that is always present

C. that is difficult to get D. that people use as a gift



Often we got “lost” and had to climb a tree to find out where we were. If you read a story in which someone does that successfully, be skeptical: the topmost branches are usually too skinny to hold weight, and we could never climb high enough to see anything except other trees.

54. The underlined word “skeptical” in Paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to ______.

A. calm B. doubtful

C. serious D. optimistic



Then I read about a nationally famous jogger who died of a heart attack while jogging, and I had something else to worry about. Jogging doesn’t kill hundreds of people, but if you have any physical weaknesses, jogging will surely bring them out, as they did with me.

  • 53. The underlined word “them” (Paragraph 3) most probably refers to _____.
  • heart attacks B. Back problems
  • C. famous joggers D. physical weaknesses
  • (08浙江.D)

We achieve knowledge passively by being told by someone else. Most of the learning that takes place in the classroom and the kind that happens when we watch TV or read newspapers or magazines is passive. Conditioned as we are to passive learning, it’s not surprising that we depend on it in our everyday communication with friends and co-workers.

49. The underlined word “it” in Paragraph 2 refers to _____.

A. active learning B. knowledge

C. communication D. passive learning



examples from 2005 NMET

  • Being considered a leader in our society is indeed of high praise. Leadership means power,commands respect and, most important, encourages achievement. Unlike vitamin C, leadership skills can’t be easily swallowed down. They must be carefullycultivated.
  • The underlined word “ cultivated” roughly means:
    • Encouraged B. compared
  • C. Examined D. developed

2005 广东 B


“The safety issue is a big one,” says Joe Mahoney,

who quickly discovered he was not alone in his worries. On campus tours other parents voiced similar concerns, and the same question was always asked: what about crime? But when college officials always gave the same answer “ That’s

Not a problem here.” Mahoney began to feel uneasy.

“No crime whatsoever?” comments Mahoney today. “ I just don’tbuyit.” Nor should he: in 1999 the U.S. department of education had reports of nearly 400,000 serious crimes on or around our campus.

The underlined word “buy” means:

A. Mind B. admit C. believe D. expect

2005 山东 A


DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, organized the race as part of a push to developrobotic vehiclesfor future battlefields,But the Grand Challenge, as it was called, just proved how difficult it is to get a car to speed across an unfamiliar desert without human guidance.

  • From the passage we know “robotic vehicles” are a kind of machines that ________
  • Can do effortless whatever tasks living things can
  • Can take part in a race across 142 miles with a time limit
  • Can show off their ability to turn themselves upside down
  • Can move from place to place without being driven by human beings.
  • (2005 湖北 D)

In the story these become love letters, burned by a cruel stepmother. Lauren’s best friend Charlotte is the stepmother. “I’m in Charlotte’s story too,” says Lauren, “and I get run over.” Charlotte’s tale was inspired by the girl’s coin collection. “ We’ve collected foreign coins for years --- since our families went on holidays to Tenerife,” she explains. “ That was before the Euro, so we putpesetasin.” Lauren continues: “ I find a coin in the road, go to get it and get run over. I’m in hospital and then I die.” Charlotte adds: “ Or she might not die. I haven’t decided yet.”

  • The underlined word “ pesetas” in Paragraph 2 is a kind of _______:
  • story B. collection
  • C. inspiration D. foreign coin

2005 湖南 B


Rainforests like the Amazon are important formopping up CO2from the atmosphere and helping to slow global warming, Currently the trees in the Amazon take in around 500 million tons of CO2 each year: equal to the total amount of CO2giving off in the UK each year.

The underlined phrase “ mopping up” means:

A: cleaning up B. taking in

C. Wiping out D. giving out

2005 福建 C


Then, suddenlythe penny dropped. “ I know what you want. You want me to repair your chair.”“you are right,” I said.

  • The expression “ the penny dropped” means:
  • Change his mind
  • B. accepted the offer
  • C. Saw the writer’s purpose
  • D. Decided to help the writer 2003 安徽 B