aeroscout solution s for the aviation industry n.
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AeroScout Solution s for the Aviation Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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AeroScout Solution s for the Aviation Industry

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AeroScout Solution s for the Aviation Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AeroScout Solution s for the Aviation Industry. January 200 8. Company Overview. Selected Customers. Based in Redwood City, Ca, USA; offices/representation in North America, EMEA, APAC and Latin America Market l eader in Wi-Fi based A ctive RFID solutions (over 200 customers)

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AeroScout Solution s for the Aviation Industry

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    1. AeroScout Solutions for the Aviation Industry January 2008

    2. Company Overview Selected Customers • Based in Redwood City, Ca, USA;offices/representation in North America, EMEA, APAC and Latin America • Market leader in Wi-Fi basedActive RFID solutions (over 200 customers) • AeroScout visibility solutions use accurate, real-time location of assets to improve business processes Selected Partners Industry Recognition “AeroScout shipments accounted for the majority of all Wi-Fi RFID tags in 2006” (In-Stat, May 2007)

    3. AeroScout Solution for Aviation AeroScout complete visibility solutions use standard Wi-Fi networks to accurately locate assets and people, and utilize that location to deliver direct benefits Track …current and historical location of parts, equipment and people, from a Web interface Alert …automated alerting and notification (Part dwells in station, Toolkit left the maintenance hangar, FTE requires preventive maintenance, etc.) Manage …the utilization of equipment, control the workflow and utilize location data for operational analysis Integrate …location and status information with existing Operations Process Management software

    4. Lean Maintenance Operations • Improved operations visibility • Visibility of all WIP parts and assemblies reduces delays and disruptions and can identify process bottlenecks • Web-based graphical interface provides most recent location of required part/assembly-kit and a map view • Automated reports for status meetings listing rush orders • Ability to react faster - notifications for shop floor managers • Alert when specific part on a Point of Use (POU) cart has fallen below the minimum stocking level • Alert on station overflow • Alert when part exceeds dwell time in work-station or work-cell • Improved tool utilization • Identify tools that are underutilized (“dwell” events) • Automated reports used for process analysis and cycle time optimizations • WIP location history; part movement between workstations • Automated reports for third party tool audits

    5. Airport Operations • Improved ground support equipment (GSE) management and utilisation • Real time visibitliy of GSE around the airport territory, both out on the tarmac (rough zone visibility) and indoors inside the buildings (real-time location) • Dwell and non-motion alerts inform operations management when GSE is under-utilised – potential to reduce GSE capital expenditures • Optimize security operations • Real-time visibility on security staff location and activities • Ability to direct closest resources to emergencies automatically • Improved passenger services • Optimize wheelchair and passenger transport operations inside the terminal • Manage luggage trolley movements to ensure continuous availability at pickup points

    6. Case Studies: myTECHNIC • myTECHNIC is a new, independent MRO provider based in Istanbul, Turkey • Purpose-built 47,000 square-meter Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility at the Sabiha Gokcen International Airport • Will provide a full range of maintenance services for Airbus and Boeing aircraft in the Europe, Middle East and North African region

    7. Case Studies: myTECHNIC • myTECHNIC is building an MRO operation completely built around lean operations principles • This will help to drive several key benefits: • High degree of standardization, quality, and safety across all operations (hangar and support) • Flexible and cost effective solutions for customers • Quick turnaround times (TAT) that meets customer expectations • The deployment of a real-time location and visibility solution is a key component for achieving break-through lean operations

    8. Case Studies: myTECHNIC • Three different entities will be tagged and tracked for different reasons: • Parts from the aircraft – in order to ensure that searches for parts do not become a bottleneck to releasing an order • Tools – various tools and equipment used during the maintenance process, especially those shared on the hangar floor, will be tracked to drive improved utilization and turnaround times • Maintenance personnel – myTECHNIC will also track all maintenance personnel to ensure operations processes can be continuously improved over time through a better understanding of movement and work patterns

    9. Case Studies: Boeing • Problems: • WIP parts (sub-assemblies) are misplaced on staging floor, forcing assembly to stop until they are found. • No visibility over rush orders • Government aircraft assembly involves periodic tool audits, which carry heavy fines for missing tools. • Misplaced parts/tools result in low productivity for a highly-paid labor force. • Billing and productivity are slowed due to a manual progress-logging system

    10. Case Studies: Boeing • Solution: • Track high-value WIP parts and highly mobile tooling • Collect production data of parts processing in stations and equipment utilization • Automated alerts • Part arrival in facility • FTE requires preventive maintenance • Empty container should be picked-up • Benefits: • Minimize production interruptions • Production progress is automatically logged based on location, reducing manual logging time • Reduce part re-orders and waste • Audit fines are reduced, as all tools can be found in a timely fashion

    11. A Ubiquitous Standard Network for Visibility Aviation visibility problems are distributed throughout the maintenace centers, airports and storage and operations facilities • Requires a standard ubiquitous solution that will: • Leverage existing networks • Keep management and maintenance costs low • Suit all manufacturing environments and visibility requirements • Wi-Fi-based Active RFID

    12. AeroScout Visibility Solution Track • Manage • Alert • Integrate Locate Communicate • Trigger Identify

    13. How Does it Work? • Wi-Fi-Based Active RFID tags send a tiny wireless signal at a regular interval • NO association with access points, which means no network interference, no IP addresses to manage, no security risks and long tag battery life • Signal is received by the Wi-Fi access points, and is sent to a Location Engine • The Location Engine determines the tag’s location, and sends it to the visibility software • Visibility software uses location data to display maps and reports, enable searches, create alerts, manage assets, etc.

    14. AeroScout Tags • Tag aircraft parts, engine parts, assemblies, components, containers, carts, testing equipment, dollies, persons etc • AeroScout Wi-Fi Active RFID Tags • Long battery life (up to 4+ years) • Small form factor • Choke point detection • Flexible mounting options • Call buttons • Motion sensor, temperature sensor • Telemetry • Tamper-proof • Intrinsically safe • Wi-Fi Mobile Devices • PDA’s, Laptops, VOIP phones

    15. Infrastructure • Infrastructure: Communicate & Trigger • Wi-Fi standard • Indoors and outdoors Standard Wi-Fi Access Points Location Receivers Exciters

    16. Infrastructure • Trigger Tags to transmit upon passing through a “choke-point” (gate or other tightly defined area) • Identify indivual assets very accurately • Trigger immediate alerts/events with 100% accuracy • Deployed only where needed, giving high accuracy in critical areas at low cost • Identify part in station, exit/entrance to zones etc’ Exciters provide instantaneous distinct detection and alerting where needed.

    17. Range of Visibility Solutions AeroScout is the only Wi-Fi-based system with built-in “choke-point” capability in addition to real-time location and presence detection Presence Choke-point Real-time Location Truck X is in gate Y A/O Cart X is in location Y Toolkit X is in drop-off area Y Part X is in workcell Y

    18. Range of Visibility Solutions AeroScout is the only Wi-Fi-based system with built-in “choke-point” capability in addition to real-time location and presence detection. Presence Choke-point Real-time Location Truck X is in gate Y A/O Cart X is in location Y Toolkit X is in drop-off area Y Part X is in workcell Y

    19. AeroScout Visibility Solution - MobileView • AeroScout MobileView software • Track – visualization tools for pinpointing and tracking • Alert – variety of events and notification methods • Manage – control assets, reports, maps and zones, users • Integrate – SOAP APIs, Web Services, 3rd party applications

    20. MobileView Handheld Edition • PDA application • Add, Edit, Remove and Search for Assets • Disconnected mode for users who are not always within Wi-Fi coverage area • View Asset Location on Maps and tabular format • OS Compatibility • CE.NET and Windows Mobile PocketPC version 5 • Certification on • Symbol MC70 • Symbol MC3000 • Packaging • SW only (per PDA) • Packaged with PDA (with integrated barcode reader)

    21. AeroScout-Cisco Solution Overview • Cisco AP network solution used in all presence or RSSI-based applications and where accuracy needs are low (majority of deployments) • TDOA deployed only where accurate location is required in outdoor areas (e.g. in yard management) • Solutions can be mixed, with most locations using RSSI, and specific spaces covered by TDOA

    22. Why AeroScout • Leverage Wi-Fi infrastructure to cover all environments • Wi-Fi based solution with lowest TCO • Only Wi-Fi system with multiple visibility types (Real-time location, presence, choke-point) • Indoor and outdoor (RSSI and TDOA) with the same tag • Sensor/telemetry capability • Scalable to tens of thousands of assets • Install base • Over 200 customers in Automotive, Aerospace and Semiconductor Manufacturing, Logistics and Healthcare • Expertise • Proven experience and success in the aviation and aerospace industry • Leading, innovative products • Industry’s original Wi-Fi tag, groundbreaking application platform for business logic and integration

    23. AeroScout, Inc. 1300 Island Drive Suite 202 Redwood City, CA 94065 Tel: +1 (650) 596-2994 Fax: +1 (650) 596-2969