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Johannes Brahms. By Mylee Davis. May 7 1833- April 3 1897 German Composer Romantic period Pianist and Conductor. Parents Johann Jakob Brahms (1806–72 ) Johanna Henrika Christiane Nissen (1789–1865 ) First music lessons were given by his father.

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Johannes brahms

Johannes Brahms

By Mylee Davis

Johannes brahms

Johannes brahms

  • Parents

    • Johann Jakob Brahms (1806–72)

    • Johanna Henrika Christiane Nissen (1789–1865)

  • First music lessons were given by his father.

  • Played piano in a dance hall to help support his family at a very young age.

  • Grew up in poverty

Brahms and schumann

  • Schumann, amazed by the 20-year-old's talent, published an article entitled "NeueBahnen" (New Paths) in the 28 October 1853 issue of the journal NeueZeitschriftfürMusik alerting the public to the young man, who, he claimed, was "destined to give ideal expression to the times.“

  • He became very attached to Schumann's wife, the composer and pianist Clara, fourteen years his senior, with whom he would carry on a lifelong, emotionally passionate relationship. 

  •  After Schumann's attempted suicide and subsequent confinement in a mental sanatorium near Bonn in February 1854, Brahms was the main intercessor between Clara and her husband, and found himself virtually head of the household.

Brahms and Schumann




  • Composed for: under Otto Friedrich Willibald

    • Piano

    • Chamber Ensembles

    • Voice

    • Chorus

    • Symphony Orchestra

  • Premiered some of his own pieces


The three b s
The Three B’s under Otto Friedrich Willibald

Important dates

  • 1854 under Otto Friedrich Willibald      Accepts position as Director of Court Concerts and Choral Society for the Prince ofLippe-Detmold. In February, Robert Schumann has a breakdown, and Brahms returns toDüsseldorf

  • 1864     Resigns his post as Director of the Singakademie and in mid-June returns to Hamburg for a visit

  • 1875     18 April: Resigns as conductor of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde. In the summer travels as previous summer, and develops his friendship with poet Gottfried Keller

  • 1885     October in Meinigen for the rehearsal of his Fourth Symphony. Immediately after takes a tour through Germany and the Netherlands

  • 1889    Brahms appointed a "Freeman of Hamburg". From this year onward, spends his summers in Bad Ischl

  • 1896     21 May: Clara Schumann dies in Bonn. In September Brahms goes to Karlsbad for treatment

Important Dates

Major works

  • 4 under Otto Friedrich Willibald Symphponies, variations, overtures

  • 4 concertos (2 piano, 1 violin, 1 double concerto)

  • Chamber Music

    • Including string quartets and quintets

  • Duo sonatas

  • Piano music

    • Including sonatas, character pieces, dances, variations

  • Choral music

  • Lieder

Major Works

Clara schumann

  • Clara’s under Otto Friedrich Willibald death greatly affected Brahms, who was already affected with cancer.

  • He died ten moths after.

  • 1896- Her decline in health gave rise to his Four Serious Songs.


Clara Schumann

Symphony no 3 in f major

  • Goal: under Otto Friedrich Willibald To prove that new and important things could still be said in the tradition of the Classical masters.

  • Written in 1833- Brahms was 50 years old


Symphony No. 3 in F Major

Brahms lullaby under Otto Friedrich Willibald

  • The Lullaby was first sung by Brahms's friend, Bertha Faber, as the piece had been written to celebrate the birth of her son.

  • The lullaby's melody is one of the most famous and recognizable in the world, used by countless parents to sing their babies to sleep.

Brahms Lullaby

Interesting facts

  • Brahms was a voracious reader; his collection of books are now stored at the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna.

  • Brahms never married. 

  • He wrote his "Eleven Chorale Preludes" for the organ while he was ill.

  • He is buried at the Central Cemetery in Vienna, where he was laid to rest next toBeethoven and Schubert.

Interesting Facts

The later years

  • In 1890, the 57-year-old Brahms resolved to give up composing. 

  • He was unable to abide by his decision, and in the years before his death he produced a number of acknowledged masterpieces.

  • While completing the Op. 121 songs, Brahms developed cancer (sources differ on whether this was of the liver or pancreas).

The Later Years

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