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IEEE802.11a. 指導教授 : 高永安 學生 : 陳穎俊. PLCP preamble. PLCP preamble 作傳輸時是 採用 OFDM modulated fixed waveform The IEEE802.11SIGNAL field ,BPSK-OFDM modulated at 6 Mbit/s,shall indicate the modulation and coding rate that shall be used to transmit the MPDU

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ieee802 11a


指導教授 : 高永安

學生 : 陳穎俊

plcp data modulation and modulation rate change

PLCP preamble 作傳輸時是 採用OFDM modulated fixed waveform

  • The IEEE802.11SIGNAL field ,BPSK-OFDM modulated at 6 Mbit/s,shall indicate the modulation and coding rate that shall be used to transmit the MPDU
  • The transmitter(receiver)shall initiate the modulation (demodulation) constellation and the coding rate according to the RATE indicated in the SIGNAL field.
  • The MPDU transmission rate shall be set by the DATARATE parameter in the TXVECTOR

PLCP data modulation and modulation rate change

pmd operating specifications general

PMD operating specifications (general)

Outline description

Operating frequency range


TX RF delay

Slot time

Transmit and receive antenna port impedance

Transmit and receive operating temperature


operating frequency range

Operating frequency range

The OFDM PHY shall operate in the 5GHz band ,as allocated by a regulatory body in its operational region.

Spectrum allocation in the 5 GHz band is subject to authorities responsible for geographic-specific regulatory domains(e.g.,global,regional,and national).



The set of valid operating channel numbers by regulatory domain

tx rf delay slot time

TX RF delaySlot time

The TX RF delay time shall be defined as the time between the issuance of a PMD.DATA.request to the PMD and the start of the corresponding symbol at the air interface

The slot time for the OFDM PHY shall be 9us, which is the sum of the RX-to-TX turnaround time, MAC processing delay,and CCAdetect time(<4us)

The propagation delay shall be regarded as being included in the CCA detect time

transmit and receive antenna port impedance transmit and receive operating temperature range

Transmit and receive antenna port impedanceTransmit and receive operating temperature range

The transmit and receiver antenna port(s) impedance shall be 50 maga if the port is exposed.

Type 1 defined as 0度C 到40度C

Type 1 defined as -20度C 到50度C

Type 1 defined as -30度C 到70度C

pmd transmit specificatons

PMD transmit specificatons

Transmit power levels

Transmit spectrum mask

Transmit spurious

Transmit center frequency tolerance

Modulation accuracy

Transmit modulation accuracy test

transmit power levels

Transmit power levels

The maximun allowable output power according to FCC regulation

transmission spurious transmit center and symbol clock frequency tolerance

Transmission spuriousTransmit center and Symbol clock frequency tolerance

Spurious transmissions from compliant devices shall conform to national regulations

The transmission center (symbol clock) frequency tolerance shall be 20% ppm maximun .

The transmission center and the symbol clock frequency shall be derived from the same reference.

modulation accuracy

Modulation accuracy

Transmitter spectral flatness

The average energy of the constellations in each of the spectral lines –16..-1 and +1..+16 will deviate no more than +-2dB from their average energy.

Transmitter constellation error

The relative constellation RMS error,average over subcarriers, OFDM frames, and pacjets, shall not exeed a data-rate depend-ent value

pmd receiver specificatons

PMD receiver specificatons

Receiver minimum input level sensitivity

Adjacent channel rejection

Non-adjacent channel rejection

Receiver maximun input level

CCA sensitivity

receviver minimum input level sensitivity

Receviver minimum input level sensitivity

The packet error rate shall be less than 10% at a PSDU length of 1000 bytes for rate-dependent input levels shall be the numbers listed in Table 91 or less

The minimum input levels are measured at the antenna connector(NF of 10 dB and 5 dB implementation margi-ns are assumed)

adjacent non adjacent channel rejection

Adjacent (Non-adjacent)channel rejection

The adjacent (non- adjacent) channel rejection shall be measured by setting the desires signal’s strength 3 dB above the rate-dependent sensitivity specified in Table 91 and raising the power of the interfering signal until 10% PER is caused for a PSDU length of 1000 bytes.

The power difference between the interfering and the desired channel is the corresponding adjacent (non-adjacent) channel rejection.

receiver maximun input level

Receiver maximun input level

The receiver shall provide a maximum PER(packet error rate) of 10% at a PSDU length of 1000 bytes, for a maximum input level of –30dB measured at the antenna for any baseband modulation