english ii bethany high school n.
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English II Bethany High School PowerPoint Presentation
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English II Bethany High School

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English II Bethany High School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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English II Bethany High School

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  1. English IIBethany High School 2012-2013 Mrs. Barnes

  2. Student Expectations • 1. Come to class with ALL materials every day. Lunch detentions will be given to students who are continually without materials such as notebooks, pens, pencils, and books. • 2. Come to class prepared. Complete your homework and reading assignments each night. Finish any incomplete daily grammar before Friday, and always study for quizzes. Check the board on the south wall often to keep up with assignments. • 3. Respect the teacher. I am here to help you learn, and I expect to be respected and have my instructions followed at all times. • 4. Respect other students. There will be no negative words aimed at others. Keep your hands to yourself, and help others feel better about themselves • 5. Respect Yourself. Have faith in yourself and give yourself every opportunity to succeed.

  3. Supplies Needed for Class • 2 folders with brads • 1 composition notebook • flash drive • blue or black pens • pencils • red pens • highlighters

  4. Societal Issues • Dystopian Society • The Giver • “The Lottery” • The Village • Hunger Games • “Harrison Bergeron” • The U.S. Constitution and the Right to Vote • Research----Understanding Historical Documents • Note taking skills, documentation • Analysis writing

  5. Learning From the Past • Historical Fiction Book Groups • The Patriot • A Soldier’s Story—Vietnam • Research of Influential Historical Figures • Research skills, documentation, presentation • Informative writing skills • The Sign of the Beaver

  6. Preparing for the Future • The Code • Speeches by Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Neil Armstrong, etc. • Research Paper-----Choosing a Career • All steps for a research paper • Informative writing

  7. The Classics • Stories of King Arthur • Much Ado About Nothing • Troy (The Iliad)

  8. Justice and Injustice • Superman (1978) and The Justice League • Night • Six Million Paper Clips • Life is Beautiful

  9. EOI Writing Test • Coming up in April • Required for graduation • Pre-write • Write • Edit and revise

  10. EOI Reading Test • Also coming up in April • Also required for graduation • Most quizzes and tests given this year will be in EOI format • Specific practice for the test will be in the spring

  11. Standard Based Grading System • In the grade book, you will see the standards you need to meet • The scores you see in each section will be assessment scores only • Homework and daily grades will be in a separate column • This allows me (and your parents) to easily see where you may be struggling • Any problems with a concept can be helped in tutoring

  12. Standards of Grading by Skill • Reading Comprehension (Fiction) • Reading Analysis (Fiction) • Reading Informative Text Comprehension (Non-Fiction) • Reading Informative Text Analysis (Non-Fiction) • Writing Analysis (Chunk) • Informative Writing • Language (Grammar)

  13. Flex Fridays • If you are missing ANY assignment in this class, or if a particular standard falls below a 60%, you will be required to come to Flex time on Friday to get the help that you need to succeed • Any student is welcome at any time to stay on Fridays for extra help by their own choice.

  14. Tardy Policy • Tardiness in this class will not be tolerated. I expect you to be in your seat with all of your materials when the bell rings. • I will count every tardy, and the fourth tardy will result in lunch detention with me on Tuesdays. • A fifth tardy will earn you an hour of detention. • A sixth tardy will be an office referral

  15. Tutorials • I will tutor every Monday and Wednesday at lunch. Bring your lunch with you, and come get some help. • I will tutor from 3:15 to 4:15 on Thursdays • I will also tutor during Flex Fridays • I will make myself available before and after school and on lunch at other days if you will ask ahead of time so that I can make sure to be available.

  16. Leaving the Classroom • I believe that you should be present during my class at all times. • You will receive 3 free bathroom passes each semester and a few opportunities to earn more. • When you have run out of passes, you may not leave the room except during true emergencies • Please potty before my class and do not ask to leave it

  17. Have A Great Year! • Go Bronchos!!!!!