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Modular Construction Market

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Modular construction is a process to illustrate the use of factory made pre-engineered building parts that are transported to site and assembled as large volumetric components or as significant elements of a building.

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Modular Construction Market

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modular construction market global scenario market

Modular Construction Market Global Scenario Market

Size, Outlook, Trend and Forecast, 2016 – 2025

Dinesh Patel

SEO Analyst


modular construction is a process to illustrate

Modular construction is a process to illustrate the use of factory made pre-engineered building parts

that are transported to site and assembled as large volumetric components or as significant elements

of a building. They are constructed off-site, under organized plant conditions, using the same materials

and designing to the same codes and benchmarks as typically built facilities but in about half the total

time. The modular parts may form complete rooms, part of rooms, or discrete highly serviced units

such as lifts or toilets. The collection of discrete modular components generally forms a self-supporting

construction in its own or for tall buildings, that may rely on an separate structural framework. Buildings

are constructed in modules when put together on site, shows the identical design and specifications

of the most urbane site-built facility without compromise.

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Growing demand from infrastructure and construction industries, increasing population and

urbanization, more flexible process than traditional method, time and cost effective method of

construction by reducing shipping and labor cost are the major factors fueling the growth of the global

modular construction market. However, increased transportation logistics requirements because of

size & weight limitations, and the need for lifting equipment are the major hindrance for the market

growth. Moreover, growing population and urbanization in the underdeveloped economies with

increasing need for infrastructure in the region is expected to open up new growth opportunities over

the years to come.

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Material, product type, construction, application, and geography are the major segments considered

in the global modular construction market. The material segment is sub-segmented into steel,

concrete, wood, plastic, and other materials. By product, the segmentation includes walls, roofs &

floors, columns & beams, and other product types. Construction segment consist of permanent

modular, and relocatable modular. Furthermore, application segment is bifurcated into commercial,

residential, and industrial.


based on geography the global modular

Based on geography, the global modular construction market is segmented into North America,

Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW). North America is further bifurcated in U.S.,

Canada, and Mexico whereas Europe consists of UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, and Rest of

Europe. Asia-Pacific is segmented into India, China, Japan, South Korea and Rest of Asia-Pacific

while RoW is bifurcated into South America, Middle East, and Africa.

Key players operating in the market include ACS Group, Skanska AB, Komatsu Ltd, LARSEN &

TOUBRO LIMITED, Balfour Beatty Plc., Kiewit Corporation, Taisei Corporation, Red Sea Housing,

System House R & C Co. Ltd, and Bouygues Construction, among others.

The key takeaways from the report

The key takeaways from the report

➢The report will provide detailed analysis of the Global Modular Construction Market with

respect to major segments such as material, product type, construction, and application

➢The report will include the qualitative and quantitative analysis with market estimation over

2016 – 2025 and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2017 and 2025

➢Comprehensive analysis of market dynamics including factors and opportunities will be

provided in the report

➢An exhaustive regional analysis of the Global Modular Construction Market has been included

in the report

➢Profile of the key players in the Global Modular Construction Market will be provided, which

include key financials, product & services, new developments and business strategies

Scope of the Global Modular Construction Market

Scope of the Global Modular Construction Market

Material segments





Other Materials

Product Type segments



roof floors

Roof & Floors

Columns & Beams

Other Product Types

Construction Segments

Permanent Modular

Relocatable Modular

Application Segments




Geographical Segments

North America










oRest of Europe





oSouth Korea

oRest of Asia-Pacific


oSouth America


o middle east o africa

oMiddle East


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