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divorce lawyer in lahore pakistan PowerPoint Presentation
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divorce lawyer in lahore pakistan

divorce lawyer in lahore pakistan

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divorce lawyer in lahore pakistan

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  1. Procedure of Divorcein Pakistan

  2. Best Divorce Lawyers In Lahore Pakistan Nazia Law Associates has Been a perfect place for Legal problems. As compare to other divorce lawyers in Lahore Pakistan Advocate Nazia is one of the best female divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. The divorce procedure in Pakistan is different or male and female. The procedure of divorce in Pakistan is handled by our expert female divorce lawyer in Pakistan. Talaq procedure in Pakistan is also different in Pakistan as the procedure of Talaq in Pakistan also differs as per law and group of Parties. We can make the khula procedure in Pakistan easy for female because our law firm is an expert in executing the procedure of Khula in Pakistan. If you are facing problem in how to get khula in Pakistan then contact us and get easy procedure of khula in Pakistan and best legal divorce and khula services. If you want to know the khula procedure in Pakistan or need information how to get khula in Pakistan. Please contact Nazia Law Associates to get info about procedure of khula in Pakistan.


  4. If a husband or wife has planned to not live with each other then they can dissolve their marriage through divorce or khula. For better understanding of the procedure the divorce can be divided in to two categories as follows. • Divorce by husband• Khula by wife

  5. Divorce by husband:- As per Islam and law husband does not need any reason to divorce the wife but he has to follow the legal procedure to make the divorce effective. One copy of written talaqnama should be send to the wife and one copy should be sent to the chairman Arbitration council. Arbitration council will send notices to both the parties and try to have reconciliation between them. If no reconciliation takes place within ninety days the Talaq will be effective however if the reconciliation between husband and wife takes place between 90 days the talaq will deemed to be revoked and ineffective

  6. Get Divorce by Wife:- In order to get divorce the wife has to file a case in family court which is called khula procedure in Pakistan. When the suit for dissolution of marriage is filed by the wife the court issues notice to the opposite party and if husband fails to appear after the due process of posting and publication the court can proceed with the case ex-parte and decree the case. In case where the husband or his representative appear he is required to file a written statement following which the court will fix a date for pre-trial proceedings for reconciliation between the parties. If reconciliation between the parties fails, court will pass decree for dissolution of marriage. After obtaining Khula decree from the court you need to file an application before the Chairman Arbitration Council of your jurisdiction for obtaining dissolution of marriage certificate or Nadra divorce certificate. Nazia Law Associates can also get you this Nadra divorce certificate within no time. Nazia Law Associates can also expedite the khula procedure in Pakistan for the clients

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