growing awesome with decon s 11th year anniversary n.
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Growing With Decon PowerPoint Presentation
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Growing With Decon

Growing With Decon

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Growing With Decon

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  1. Growing Awesome with Decon’s 11th Year Anniversary

  2. Growing Awesome with Decon’s 11th Year Anniversary • Decon Furniture has turned Eleven Years into commercial and residential furniture in Malaysia. We bring you a collection of what to expect at Malaysia’s largest “Outdoor Furniture” industry. • Bigger and better on its 11th year Anniversary bring you a wide range of Quality Outdoor Furniture- from modern contemporary ,classic to traditional Balau Wood, Teak Wood, Synthetic Rattan with the combination of steel and aluminum collection to make the furniture awesome in look and comfort, and everything else in between –at reasonable costs that would suit everyone’s budget. DECON is growing each year with wonderful surprises for its Clients, be sure not to miss it!

  3. “Outdoor Furniture”

  4. Decon Furniture at Legoland

  5. In Comfy Heavenly • Decon knows what buyers look for in a piece of furniture: comfort, style and quality, Decon has beyond than that, modern classically designed, but without sacrificing the comfort factor that buyers cannot ignore. Most especially, if it’s from Decon, it’s top notch quality!

  6. Warm and Push Outdoor Sofa Garden Furniture • Leading a contemporary twist to your Outdoor Living, the quintessential L-shape Sofa’s manufactured by Kong Posh Industries takes a life of its own affectionately warm up your garden, pool, patio, backyard and terrace. Sensibly –designed with flexibility and ample space, they are the perfect setting for relaxing and a casual discussion. You would love them all as it comes with soft cushions great colors.