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Alternative fuel cars

Alternative fuel cars. I . Cars powered with petroleum. I. 1 Petrol and diesel cars I. 2 LPG and GNV cars II. Alternatives II. 1 Biofuels II. 2 Electric cars II. 3 Hybrid cars and regenerative breaking II. 4 Hydrogen and fuel cell cars II .5 Other projects.

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Alternative fuel cars

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  1. Alternative fuel cars

  2. I. Cars powered with petroleum I.1 Petrol and diesel cars I.2 LPG and GNV cars II. Alternatives II.1 Biofuels II.2 Electric cars II.3 Hybrid cars and regenerative breaking II.4 Hydrogen and fuel cell cars II.5 Other projects

  3. 1. Gasoline and diesel cars

  4. Petrol (gasoline) • lower purchase price • larger model choice • cheaper maintenance • higher fuel price • products more CO2 • shorter life of engine • very flammable -> danger Diesel • lower price when fill up • motors more reliable, consumption 15% lower • 20% less CO2 released • purchase cost (+10%) • more NOx discharged

  5. 2. LPG and CNG cars LPG (Liquified petroleum gas) • less polluting • cheaper • extracted from oil CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) • environmentally friendly • large reserves

  6. And tommorow? Future oil production

  7. Alternatives

  8. 1. Biofuels

  9. Biogas(anaerobic fermentation) • Bioethanol(ethanol fermentation) • Straight (or waste) vegetable oils • Biodiesel • (Transesterification: alcohol + ester → different alcohol + different ester ) • Less emission of sulfur and CO2 • Can be use as a pure fuel • No taxe • Risk of irresponsible farming methods • Biodiesel production is more expensive than petrodiesel one

  10. 2. Electric cars

  11. Battery electric vehicle • Lead-acid battery • Nickel-cadmium battery • Lithium ion battery • zero-emissions vehicle • range • cost • electricity production

  12. gasoline-powered car: fuel tank---> engine ---> transmission ---> wheels electric car and acceleration of a hybrid car: set of batteries ---> electric motor ---> transmission ---> wheels 3. The gasoline-electric hybrid car

  13. CruisingPassing

  14. The electric motor acts as a generator and charges the battery set Regenerative braking

  15. Advantages increase the mileage less emission and petroleum consumption than a gasoline-powered car overcome the shortcoming of an electric car drive as well as a usual car Examples Toyota Prius

  16. Hydrogen & fuel cell

  17. Advantages • high efficiency • emission-free • no moving parts, do not involve combustion • -> reliable • Disadvantages • cost • manufacture, vehicule integration • hydrogen production

  18. 5. Other projects... Compressed-air cars Solar cars

  19. Conclusion A faire !!! A lot of alternatives exist…they all have advantages, disadvantages and specific needs… so there is still work (chemin a faire) to do with the conception but a………..

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